Summer Menu – New Items Week 3 – Lite N Easy

A couple of interesting new things this week..

BLT Burger (Bacon,Baby Leaf Salad and Mayonnaise on a Ciabatta Bread Roll)

This was lovely. I always enjoy the bacon it is high quality with little or no fat attached.

Salt N Pepper Chicken.

This was not what I was expecting however.. epic win thanks to the water chestnuts. I do not think this was breast chicken but the sauce was pretty tasty.

I just wish they would switch out the white rice for something more interesting – like the gorgeous fried rice in the Sweet N Sour chicken, or the rice with veg in the Chicken Tikka Masala, or maybe brown rice, or a wild rice. Would order this again.

Beef Rissoles with Walnut & Apple Coleslaw

Stunning. STUNNING! I was stunned. I had to sit there and meditate on the awesomeness of this for the next 2 hours. The coleslaw was great. There was baby spinach.

The beef is excellent quality, very little fat or gristle in there if any at all. And it is sooo tasty. I don’t eat much in the way of red meat but if I could have this for every meal, forever, I would. Loved it. And this makes me think I will try more of the red meat options in the future.

Roast Chicken

I have a sad about this. :( The star of this meal should be the chicken and it was not particularly awesome. I am not sure what part of the chicken it was but I don’t know where I would find it on your usual roast chicken. There was some dark meat, no bones at all. It was quite odd.

The peas and potatoes and gravy were quite awesome. The cheesy cauliflower was also quite friendly. Not sure about the stuffing, never have been a great fan of that. But you know something, if Lite N Easy wanted to make a peas, roast potatoes, pumpkin and gravy dinner, I would put my hand up to order it regularly.

Thai Green Chicken Curry

This was very tasty. Not something I would usually eat though I have tried the Lean Cuisine Thai curries before.

Other Updates.

I am giving up completely on the scales.

I know for a fact I am losing centimetres and inches in various places. I can see my body shape changing. Clothes are fitting better – and some of the smaller underwear I bought in the US last year but then had to put away because it did not fit very well are back in the regular underwear rotation. My trusty Slazenger shorts which have been with me through fat and thinner are telling me we are headed back to thinner.

And yet the scales refuse to budge one iota. The new scales I bought to replace the potentially faulty scales are extremely inaccurate. If I stand half a centimetre forward, I get a different reading to the reading I got half a centimetre back. If I lean forward to look down, the needle moves upward to a higher weight!

But on the other hand, I think I might need to double check on the status of my thyroid just to make sure nothing is wrong. On the other hand to that, do I really want to get a blood test, probably not.

I’m making an effort to get to the gym as many days as possible this week because I have gone back to sleeping not as well as I would like. I’m down to only one cup of coffee per day so I am not sure what is causing the insomnia.

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3 thoughts on “Summer Menu – New Items Week 3 – Lite N Easy

  1. I had the roast chicken a few days ago and felt the same way about it…

    Something you might want to think about… Are you sure you’re eating enough? I’ve been told it’s a myth, but my experience has been that I actually had to start eating more to lose weight. (I’m now thinking I should post about this story…) Anywho, find your BMR, subtract 500 calories and see where you are at. With the gym work you are doing, you might be creating too much of a deficit. (I was very much under calories for a long time, so my body didn’t want the scale to move until it trusted that I was eating enough calories regularly.)

    • Jaime this is one of the things I like about blogging the Lite N Easy – hearing the (same or different) opinions from others. :) I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on the food especially the dinners I have not tried.

      It is possible that I am not eating enough calories. I’ll have to do some maths. ;)

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