Summer Menu Week 2 – New Items

Caesar Salad with Chicken & Smokehouse Ham and Creamy Dressing

OMG THE NOMS THE NOMS this was totally awesome on so many levels! The chicken and ham was heated in the microwave for a short time. I sliced the egg with an egg slicer and took out the tomato – not a fan of cherry tomatoes at all. The chickens love them, though.

Then put it all together, the sliced egg, the chicken and ham, the salad dressing.. gorgeous.

Soy Chicken Tender with Thai Salad and Hoisin Dressing

This was also excellent. The salads are such a great option and so filling.

Chicken with Satay Sauce

This does not look especially appetising but it was very tasty. I had tried the old version – they have a new recipe now. The new one is a lot more pea-nutty. I enjoyed it and will order it again.

Apricot Almond Bar

Great snack. This had everything one could want with the exception of cinnamon – I am too used to the cinnamon oat bars so the lack of cinnamon was notable. It would have gone incredibly well with this, I think.

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