Possible Offensive Language

This just in from one of my scammer friends – apologies if anyone is offended. However he did spell all the swear words incorrectly, so probably it’ll make you laugh instead. I know it put a big grin on my face. ;)

Don’t you have any cense in that dik head of your that you do not talk to people like that, if you are sure you have made any payment idiot go to the bank and demand a payment slip and a tracer for your payment, you always have the time to send emails and talk sheet but you do not have the time to go to the bank,I noticed you are an Ashole your self and must be a big Fool to call me an ashole dik head, just get to the bank and make the payment slip available stupid.I gave you a specific instruction and you can not follow up, so when the contract sum gets to your account you will start talking sheet from your sheet hole, dic head. Pay out the money and stop making a fool of your self.

Your Grandmother can rout for all I care, this a our deal and you must do as I say, or I put a trace on your sorry ass.

Usman Bello

Well, why wait to start talking sheet? ;) Personally I like 500 count Egyptian cotton, but flannelette is good in winter. And let us not get into satin!

So let’s talk sheet! What is your personal favourite?

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10 thoughts on “Possible Offensive Language

  1. Wow, you really p*ssed you’re scammer friends off this time. The holiday season is in full swing apparently, because I received 3 scam attempts in 3 days now: 2 phishing mails from “Ebay” & “PaypaI” and 1 mail from BMW UK congratulating me on my 1,000.000 pound win and a BMW 5 series car. As you can tell I’m estatic, because the pound is doing so much better than the dollar these days.

    Any idea what their angle is with these so called lottery wins? They ask you to send their “contact” an email (hotmailaddress) with your “lucky number” full name, address and phonenumber. Any idea what happens after you send them this info? I’m not going to do this of course, but I am curious to know how this scam works.

  2. Wi – Yeah, I’ve baited lotto scammers a fair bit. They ask for a fee. The fee may be small at first, it could be less than $100 – but once you pay the first fee they ask for a second, and then a third, and they keep asking till you stop paying. A lot of people fall for the lotto scams because they believe they will win lotto one day and when they get the email it is what they have been waiting for, knowing it would happen one day.

    Daisy – My kitties like to do that too! And I have never heard them talking from the sheet hole..

    Teeni – that is the joy of scambaiting. I get thousands of emails from scammers every day, and when I get a chance to read them I fall over laughing. ;)

    Cugat – absolutely! But I do love a good death threat. That’s always fun. :)

    Christine – Yep, a scammer did write it. Little does he know he is talking to a computer. ;) he’s been emailing back and forth with the machine for over a week now. hehe. I just happened to spot this email come in.

    Thanks for the comments all! ;)

  3. That’s a funny one. Do they never catch on that they’re communicating with a machine?
    Sheets? I have a sheet set that I bought at a Harris Scarfe sale 50% polyester, 50% cotton made in Pakistan. Usually I try to buy 100% cotton, but this pair of sheets is incredibly soft , smooth and comfortable. Colour? Burgundy of course. Nothing else makes it on to my bed.

  4. Personally I do not give a sheet for such language and would put a blanket ban on such emails. I much prefer pillow talk. If you reply I suggest you say “do na talk to me like this again”

    I have visions in my mind of your ass apologizing and what it takes to make it say sorry. Beans maybe?

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