And now you can listen to me!

One benefit of being an audio scam baiter is over time I have learned to take out a lot of the “um” and “err” type stuff that tends to happen when you’re talking to people on the phone. Listening back to this I sound remarkably together but I can guarantee you when I do these interviews I have the sweaty palms. :)

Listen to the radio interview

I do hear a few ums in there but a *lot* less than there would have been a few years ago when I began baiting.

Don’t forget to scroll down and read yesterdays post where there are links to my scambaits and audio baiting files, as well as links to more info on scams..

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3 thoughts on “And now you can listen to me!

  1. Oh no!!! I couldn’t hear anything. (I know you know I’m computerally challenged, but I swear both the volumes on the feed and the computer were on ‘High’. I’ll save it on bloglines because I really want to hear it.

  2. I listened to it Tarin! Interviews, whatever form they’re in, are stressful. You come across as knowledgeable about your subject and convey it well.

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