Snoskred Holidays


So, will you like to know what Snoskred got up to on her holidays? I can tell you more about this now!


We got a new oven installed. We turned the old one on once when we first moved in here, and the amount of stinky smoke which bellowed forth stopped us ever wanting to use it again. We were not bothered, because we had our LG solardom convection oven, grill and microwave. But recently that unit has begun to misbehave, and it was time to replace the oven.

There was quite a bit of writing blog posts – taking a break inspired some new posts.


There was some fun with ice spheres but that is a post in itself.


There was some colouring in.


There was some shopping and eating of baked goods. There was some purchasing of chicken in bulk – 11 chicken roasters, plus a bunch of filos and kievs. Lenards have some new items available none of which we purchased this time but I wouldn’t mind trying the Chicken Cobs.

There was plenty of cooking, and some recipe posts will be coming to you as a surprise soonest!


The Villains were seen and greatly enjoyed. There was dancing, singing, and much fun had by all.

I did not take very many photos, preferring to live in the moment and enjoy each moment when it was happening rather than try to capture moments to share here later.

The concreting was completed and sealed and the cars were finally put away safely. We deeply appreciate the vast vista of concrete we now have to enjoy. :)

What have you been up to?

Anything interesting? Let me know in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “Snoskred Holidays

  1. What kind of oven did you get? I will need a new one soon since mine is nearly 20 years old. (and was cheap to start with) I’ve been getting my 3rd bathroom remodeled, recovering from Phuket, procrastinating on getting ready for school and enjoying coffee dates with friends. :)

    • It is an Ariston sealed oven with the Pyrolytic self-cleaning thing. It is an older model which has been on display at my parents shop for a while. The door stays completely cold the whole time no matter how hot you set it. I was pretty surprised at how awesome the chicken roaster turned out – normally I do them in our Tuffsteel Roaster pan to keep the chicken from drying out and to keep splatters in, but because the oven is sealed plus self cleaning I don’t have to do that anymore. I’ll still use it for casseroles and stuff, though, and we bought two more roaster pans because we loved the first one so much. ;)

      I love how your 3rd bathroom is looking. :) especially the floor.

    • I’m very happy with the oven, which is quite a feat considering I had nothing to do with choosing it at all. :) Seeing as my parents are the landlords, they got to pick.

      The space I now have to cook, after 8+ years of the solardom convection oven which really you could only cook on one level.. I can have things on four shelves! ;)

    • I’m super glad the door does not get hot, because my kitties would not be used to something like that. :) Both kitties thought it was a weird thing and wondered why cool air was suddenly blowing around in the kitchen.

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