There Was An Incident..


There was an incident is a phrase heard regularly in our household. In fact it is somewhat of a normal occurance for The Other Half to arrive home from work and say “How was your day” to be met with.. “well, there was an incident..”

An incident in our household could be anything, from spilling sugar or dripping tea onto the counter from a non-cooperative tea bag.. right up to me walking into something and leaving a massive bruise, or somehow damaging myself in some way. Whatever the incident, when this phrase is spoken, the listener knows that the full story of the incident will be coming to them as a surprise.

The term originates from my being an aviation nerd and the FAA and NTSB have this thing about definitions of accidents VS incidents.

I mention this because our past weekend contained a number of incidents, some of which were quite scary. There was the Wine Bottle Incident, when I got out of my awesome Volkswagen Polo holding two birthday presents in those cute little bags you can buy in stores, only the wine bottle bag broke and somehow the wine bottle dropped onto brick pavers and still it managed to survive! Had it broken, that would have been considered an accident. :)

There was the mildly terrifying incident of The Spider In The Shower which I kept to myself because thankfully it was only a Daddy Long Legs which decided the ceiling was getting too hot and steamy and now would be a good time to drop on a web through my shower space. The Other Half was in the Man Cave at the time, thus he did not hear my spider scream. I know this to be a fact because anytime he hears that spider scream he arrives ready to dead the creature.

There was also the incident of burned fruit toast, which cost me two slices of gorgeous cafe raisin toast which I got on special at Coles last week. I tried my best, really and truly I did, but I was not born with the Toastmaster gene.

I usually consider myself banned from making toast due to That Terrifying Incident With A Fruit Muffin Where I Took Out All Phones And Computers In The Call Centre, For Two Hours In The Middle Of A Work Day, Thus Rendering The Call Centre Completely Inoperable.

That incident did scare me away from toasting for a long time, because the toaster made sparks and jumped into the air when I tried to use the high lift. It might have involved me using the toaster but I was NOT the one who bought a cheap $15 toaster from Kmart, nor was I the person who wired the kitchen safety switch into all the other safety switches thus any kitchen incident would have deaded the entire switchboard.

But that fruit toast was plump, gorgeous, and it smelled exactly like hot cross buns. It tempted me into toasting, and as usual, I failed quite spectacularly. I suppose we were lucky that nothing caught fire.


Then there was the incident of my lolly bag breaking in an unexpected place, spilling these cute little white dusted toffee apple almonds out of their safe little home – they kept landing on my lap rug.


To begin with, I could not work out how they were escaping the packet! When more of the chocolate coated nuts were eaten, I finally figured out that there was a hole in the side of the packet..

Those little nut friends originated from Coles where there is a range of items from Naked Truth and every one I have tried has been very tasty indeed. These little nuts are my favourite because of the crunchy coating on the nuts. I am very well behaved and only eat two of these every few days, so one packet lasts quite a long time with me.

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12 thoughts on “There Was An Incident..

  1. I been know to use the same phrase. I picked it up from a UK radio comedy show. My incidents are usually of a more serious nature, although maybe not as serious as taking out a call centre.

  2. I think I’m going to start using that vernacular; I like the idea of “incidents” versus other more colorful terms I might use. :) Those nuts look and sound delicious; I would want to eat that whole bag. I admire your restraint.

  3. I have mastered my cheap Target toaster ($12). I spent some time toasting slices of bread on different settings until I found the one I liked best and used a sharpie to mark that spot, then did the same with raisin bread.Now all I have to do is set the dial to ‘bread’ or ‘fruit bread’ and I get perfectly toasted yumminess.
    I have to say, if I had sweets dropping out of a bag, I’d straight away empty the packet into a container that can be sealed, like a screw top jar or similar.

    • I tend to keep my lollies in their original bags and then within ziploc bags, in little groups. Like all my jelly babies are grouped together, and chocolate things in another bag, and the double troubles in yet another bag.

      It took me a while to work out there was a hole in there. I thought I was just really unskilled at controlling these nuts and they were falling out of the top opening. :)

  4. LOL at the spider scream! I hate daddy long legs. I had a spider pop in on me in the shower once too. Water, slippery surfaces and spider avoidance could be very dangerous. :)

    • If I had to choose a spider to land on me in the shower, given the options here, I would pick the Daddy Long Legs.. :)

      The Other Half found another deceased funnel web, Australia’s most poisonous spider! This time in the Man Cave. That makes 3.. :(

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