SodaStream Saturday #2


What fruit do you think that is, in my soda water?


It is definitely citrus, but what kind of citrus? Drumroll please..





It is an Imperial Mandarin. Imperials tend to have less seeds – in fact this particular one had no seeds at all. I’ve cut them up two different ways to put them into my soda water.


With a mandarin there is a little more pith than with an orange and most people are cool with eating the pith, so I did not bother to trim it all off like I would with an orange, though you certainly could do that if you wanted it to look more pretty.


One mandarin will provide you with 190% of your daily vitamin C, according to the Aussie Mandarins website. Mandarins are in season from April to October.


So the next time you are making a soda water or mineral water drink, and you happen to have a couple of mandarins lying around, why not combine the two to make a new kind of awesomeness? :)

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5 thoughts on “SodaStream Saturday #2

  1. I usually put lemon slices in my water, sometimes just lemon peel. Zest really, since I use a veggie peeler to skin off thin strips with no pith and drop them into my water.
    Mandarins just get gobbled up.

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