Mineral Water With Orange

I’ve been nowhere near any kind of regular soft drink in over a year now. It may even be longer than that, I can’t be sure.

I made the switch to mineral water. This was not an overnight love or even like. It took effort and determination on my part to learn to like it. Now, when I rarely end up with a soft drink as a surprise, it is far too sweet for me and I can’t drink it.

One of the things that helped me to learn to like it was adding fresh fruit to it. I often added slices of lemon or lime but then one day I added strawberries and that soon became my favourite. Then I tried slicing up an orange the way I like to slice them up – this is also one of my favourites. I put all the orange slices into a cup and then add mineral water.

So how do I like to cut up an orange?

Cut the top and bottom off the orange. This will make it so you can easily sit the orange on the chopping board, ready for the choppery!

Start trimming the peel off the orange. This is a delicate process because you want to keep as much of the orange as possible.

Continue trimming off the peel and pith. Keep going until you have done the whole orange. Then flip the orange over, you will likely have left some extra pith/peel on the bottom. Trim off any extra pith/peel

Halve the orange, being careful to cut in between the sections.

Quarter, and trim out the central column. You can then put the orange pieces into your mineral water – I like to make them a little smaller so I can fish them out in bite size pieces with a fork.

This way you get a serve of fruit with your drink.


It is awesome, it tastes fantastic. I highly recommend it. Great summer drink!

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