Chicken Eve..

Tonight is Chicken Eve. Tomorrow is the day our chickens will come home for the first time, and they will be living in the coop pictured below for the first week until the run is completed.
This is the result of over a months work out in the mancave.
On the inside –
Yellow paint, and lino which will be covered with sand – providing I can manage to dry it out, our bags were wet!
And the section above is the laying area which will contain straw for nesting.
The roof is Solar Grey color, it keeps out a fair amount of the UV rays. We’ll have to see how it goes for Summer but our yard is pretty shady, I’m hoping we won’t need to insulate it.

So yeah, if Frogdancer is reading this, see what your chicken blogging did? ;) You made me believe that I too could keep chickens.

I fell in love with a chicken today, btw. I am hopeful I will be bringing it home tomorrow and if so, you better believe you’ll get pics ;)

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One thought on “Chicken Eve..

  1. I used to be scared of chickens and now we have 6! (Watch out… they’re addictive!)
    The Mancave Chicken Coop is a mansion! Lucky gerls! I use shredded newspaper inside my coop, (I get it free from work) so that might be an option if the sand doesn’t dry in time.
    Good luck and have fun with them! Just remember to lock them away each night in case of foxes.

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