Photography Box


A while ago I asked The Other Half to build me a white photography box. And eventually, enough time went by, and he created it. You’ve seen some things photographed in it, already.


It has 12 LED lights at the top, set in the silver thing you can see at the very top of the box – I can’t show you a photo of the lights because they will destroy your retinas! Retina burn, not fun. :) But here you can see the shadows from the LED lights.


He also made me a shoe ramp, which can be used to mount smaller items to photograph as well. I will likely get some white cloth to use in the box, as well.


And here is a photo of something sparkly, just because.


The LED’s are awesome to photograph with, and if you set the aperture low, you can get these little sparkly stars of light.

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4 thoughts on “Photography Box

  1. That is so awesome. I am in desperate need of one of these. I’ve looked up light boxes on Pinterest and found a few I’d like to try. Your’s looks like it really gets the job done. Where I live there isn’t a lot of natural light due to trees every where and the camera flash is unattractive.

  2. @Samantha – The secret is finding the MDF board that is already white. :) Otherwise you will be painting a lot, for a long time.

    @Nicole – You should take photos of how you take photos! ;)

    @Crystal – I often just use my phone camera with the box, it works fairly well. But if we’re going to try and capture those little stars of light, the SLR is the one because I can control the aperture. You want the smallest aperture possible to get the stars. :)

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