So, one of the things I’ve done while MIA was to take another trip to Hawaii. I picked up some new bling while there..


This by no means does any of the rings justice but most especially the triangle Mystic Topaz there – that ring is stunning. The amount of different colours it throws under various light conditions.. it really is a rainbow version of the Mystic Topaz. Some you will only get purple and green – the triangle gives you red, pink, purple, several different shades of green, orange, and also yellow.

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5 thoughts on “Blingy

  1. I’m really sick of the fashionable support stockings – I’ve had to wear them a lot over the past 6+ months and worst of all, I can’t put them on myself, the other half has to do it, lol. ;)

    We are still not sure why I got the embolisms but they are doing a genetic study and a bunch of other tests to investigate.. I think part of the reason is that I did not drink as much as I should have, I didn’t have a water bottle so all I had was a couple of little cups of water.

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