So, one of the things I’ve done while MIA was to take another trip to Hawaii. I picked up some new bling while there..


This by no means does any of the rings justice but most especially the triangle Mystic Topaz there – that ring is stunning. The amount of different colours it throws under various light conditions.. it really is a rainbow version of the Mystic Topaz. Some you will only get purple and green – the triangle gives you red, pink, purple, several different shades of green, orange, and also yellow.

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5 thoughts on “Blingy

  1. How far is it to Hawaii from your neck of the woods? It’s hard to tell on a world map but I’m thinking you’re probably closer than we are.

  2. One of the reasons I’m concerned about flying. Were you able to get up and move around more? Wear those fashionable support stockings?

  3. I’m really sick of the fashionable support stockings – I’ve had to wear them a lot over the past 6+ months and worst of all, I can’t put them on myself, the other half has to do it, lol. ;)

    We are still not sure why I got the embolisms but they are doing a genetic study and a bunch of other tests to investigate.. I think part of the reason is that I did not drink as much as I should have, I didn’t have a water bottle so all I had was a couple of little cups of water.

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