Wow, what a dress!

I don’t normally watch the red carpet shows but I happened to flick past and saw this amazing dress on Helen Mirren.

Helen Mirren Oscar Dress

Oddly I just watched her movie The Queen last night as it aired on Showtime for the first time. I think she looked ten times better than anyone else on the Red Carpet, and incidentally who the heck were most of those people? I had never heard of most of them before, ever!

Keri Russell Oscars

Nice to see Keri Russell there, one of my favourites since Felicity all those years ago. I think the hair up might not have been the right way to go – her hair is stunning.

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8 thoughts on “Wow, what a dress!

  1. That dress is gorgeous. And she just oozes grace. She was good in The Queen – I watched some of it last night while doing other things. I would like to watch the whole thing properly though.

    And Felicity. I loved that show and I agree Keri Russell would be better with some, if not all of her hair out. When I dream of how I would like my hair, its something like hers. Alas, its not to be though. But a girl can dream can’t she :)

  2. Helen Mirren is a beauty through and through. I love the sleeves on her dress. Perfect touch. And I totally agree with you about Keri – she probably wishes she weren’t so famous for her curls, I bet.

  3. Helen is very stunning as the LADY in Red – she holds her age well. Her expression says it too – she knows she rocks!
    I agree I don’t know half of the new breed.

  4. Lightening – The Queen was wonderful. ;)

    Gemisht – I have been re-visiting Felicity just lately with the first box set, but they never released 2, 3 or 4 here. ;(

    Teeni – I love the texture on the sleeves vs the sleekness of the red material. It is just incredible.

    Thanks for the comments ya’all! ;)

  5. Helen Mirran is a stunning Lady and an amazing actress.

    I am glad we had not heard of any of the people. We need new blood in Hollywood. Thank the lord that Tom F%^king cruise isn’t the hottest thing in Hollywood these days.

  6. I totally agree with you!! Helen Mirren was absolutely gorgeous!! She really does ooze charm, and grace, and sophistication!! I did not know alot of the people either and I missed alot of my old favorites….like Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock. It’s a whole new breed now…I feel old!

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