Wow, what a dress!

I don’t normally watch the red carpet shows but I happened to flick past and saw this amazing dress on Helen Mirren.

Helen Mirren Oscar Dress

Oddly I just watched her movie The Queen last night as it aired on Showtime for the first time. I think she looked ten times better than anyone else on the Red Carpet, and incidentally who the heck were most of those people? I had never heard of most of them before, ever!

Keri Russell Oscars

Nice to see Keri Russell there, one of my favourites since Felicity all those years ago. I think the hair up might not have been the right way to go – her hair is stunning.

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8 thoughts on “Wow, what a dress!

  1. I often hate the kinds of thing stars wear on the “red carpet” but have to agree. That dress is stunning! Did you enjoy The Queen? It’s on my “would like to see” list.

  2. That dress is gorgeous. And she just oozes grace. She was good in The Queen – I watched some of it last night while doing other things. I would like to watch the whole thing properly though.

    And Felicity. I loved that show and I agree Keri Russell would be better with some, if not all of her hair out. When I dream of how I would like my hair, its something like hers. Alas, its not to be though. But a girl can dream can’t she :)

  3. Helen Mirren is a beauty through and through. I love the sleeves on her dress. Perfect touch. And I totally agree with you about Keri – she probably wishes she weren’t so famous for her curls, I bet.

  4. Helen is very stunning as the LADY in Red – she holds her age well. Her expression says it too – she knows she rocks!
    I agree I don’t know half of the new breed.

  5. Lightening – The Queen was wonderful. ;)

    Gemisht – I have been re-visiting Felicity just lately with the first box set, but they never released 2, 3 or 4 here. ;(

    Teeni – I love the texture on the sleeves vs the sleekness of the red material. It is just incredible.

    Thanks for the comments ya’all! ;)

  6. Helen Mirran is a stunning Lady and an amazing actress.

    I am glad we had not heard of any of the people. We need new blood in Hollywood. Thank the lord that Tom F%^king cruise isn’t the hottest thing in Hollywood these days.

  7. I totally agree with you!! Helen Mirren was absolutely gorgeous!! She really does ooze charm, and grace, and sophistication!! I did not know alot of the people either and I missed alot of my old favorites….like Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock. It’s a whole new breed now…I feel old!

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