Leo – Quit Dying Already!

So, I just watched another movie where Leonardo DiCaprio’s character dies. Nobody does a death like Leo and frankly it is emotionally exhausting. And worst of all it tends to arrive when you least expect it. Except of course for Romeo and Juliet, where I’m not spoiling the story to say that he dies and it is generally know that it will happen and when it will happen.

Sephy will read this tomorrow and work out exactly what movie I was watching, I bet you all $50. He’s a bright spark when it comes to working that kind of stuff out.

Leonardo DiCaprio Dies In Too Many Movies

In the meantime, Leo, pretty please.. we want a happy ending!

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8 thoughts on “Leo – Quit Dying Already!

  1. The only thing that’s come to my mind since reading this first yesterday is Titanic, and I think the outcome on that one is fairly obvious.

    What y’all don’t know is that this is me trying to figure out a movie – which is kinda like someone from Mars trying to point out Walla Walla Washington on a map, without searching. ;)

    Though the fact that I might be able to figure it out (and I didn’t search the TV listings to cheat either! ;) ) should be a clue that it probably is Titanic. :D


  2. Ohhh I thought that Titanic might have been too “obvious” and that it might have been the Aviator. Although I haven’t seen it and don’t know the plot or the whole story but just a guess.

    Off to check the TV guides now and see what was on. Or was it on DVD………

  3. It was Blood Diamond on Movie One or Two. ;)

    I totally didn’t want to see that movie from seeing some of the previews and thought I would hate hate hate it, but it drew me in and I couldn’t turn it off, even though it was very violent and quite ugly – part of the point of the movie really. It is worth seeing.

    And not just because Leo is speaking with that gorgeous accent. :)

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