Aussie Cat Lovers – You’ll Love This Post.

Anyone walking into our house would think our kitties are terribly spoilt. There are not one, not two, but THREE cat towers in this house.


The very first one we bought from a pet shop many years ago. It cost us big money – over $500. At the time, both of us were working and we felt like it was a fair amount to spend on an indoor cat we loved very much – and we wanted to encourage her to scratch the tower rather than our furniture.. This was back in the days when we only had the Big Kitty. The cat tower was very tall, extremely solid, and covered in carpet. The Big Kitty loved it as you can see from the above and below pics. Cats love to be up high.


When we got the smaller kitty, there was suddenly competition to be top of the tower. If the little kitty could not be top of the tower she would sit on top of my desk – and playfully push things down onto my head. This was great fun for her, but not so much fun for me. I’d be in the middle of something and a stack of papers would fall down on me and my keyboard. I lost an entire page worth of writing when I hadn’t saved a file before walking away from my desk and she took an opportunity to do a keyboard dance because the big kitty was on the tower and she wanted to get up there!

So the hunt was on for more cat towers. Surprisingly the prices had gone *up* at the pet stores since we bought the last one, and at the time I wasn’t working, I was in the middle of my three months of unpaid volunteer work at Fraudwatchers. We couldn’t afford it. The kitties would just have to fight it out, and I would have to remember to save things before walking away!


Soon after we moved to NSW from Adelaide, I found the Deals Direct website. They had some cat towers at what seemed like crazy prices – as cheap as $39.95 for some of them. We ended up choosing two – they have a large range which you can see here – the ones we bought are no longer available.


Shipping was only $9.95 and when I went to pick these things up at the post office they were in huge boxes! I was surprised shipping was so cheap for such big items. One of the boxes I used to pack some stuff in during our move, here it is sitting on my pool table with a little kitty napping on it.. Yes, I am one of those people who never throws out a box – they always come in handy later.


We unpacked the boxes and The Other Half happily (he loves anything he has to build) sat down to build the towers. They are mostly flat when you receive them, except for the cat rooms which were fully built and covered in carpet. The kitties investigated the towers immediately and within a short amount of time were happily hanging out in a cat room each. I grabbed the camera as always. As you see.


You can see things are still in bubble wrap – these photos were taken on the 23rd of February 2006, we moved into this house on the 9th of February.


We still have the towers today and the kitties still make use of them constantly. In fact as I was writing this I went out to take a few photos of the towers and caught the big kitty taking a nap in the cat box of the gray one, as seen above. They are solid towers and unlike the expensive one we bought, which the kitties have scratched a lot of the carpet off (see photo below) they still retain all of their carpet.


The kitties have clawed the heck out of them and they remain amazingly intact. The mouse is still attached to the tower even after hours of play. All I had to do was give them a quick vacuum when we moved.


I like that all the screws are covered by plastic covers. I love the tiger themed carpet. I love that the kitties love them and use them all the time.

Do your kitties deserve spoiling? If yes, check out these very reasonably priced cat towers. Your feline friends will love them. :)

We have bought many products from Deals Direct since February 06, .I receive their daily newsletter which is full of bargains, and I love their site, it is well laid out and easy to navigate. If I want to buy something it’s the first place I check, their prices are always excellent and they often have special offers on shipping, too.

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5 thoughts on “Aussie Cat Lovers – You’ll Love This Post.

  1. Glad to hear your kitties are pleased with them. I had looked at them before, but was not sure of their quality. We have 4 crazy Siamese and go through about 2-3 scratching posts a year, they just destroy them.

    Might give some of these a go, perhaps the lack of carpet will deter them from scratching all over and they may last a little longer.

  2. Those are really excellent prices! Weve built out own cat tower and I can tell you – its worth paying the money for one ready made…must check these out, Thanks Snoskred!

  3. Those are great deals. I wonder if they’ll ship to where I live. I gotta check them out more. I know of two cats in my house who would love a good deal on one of those towers.

  4. I will definitely check these out. We have two kitties, that are in need of a new tower. Often times these look like good deals but you are unsure of the quality. It is nice to have someone you know give a review of the products.

    My cats thank you for this post.

  5. Deals Direct is great for pet supplies – I bought Bella’s rabbit hutch from them, and have just ordered another one for Lucy after the attack.. great prices!

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