What Are Those Kitties Up To Now?

a) Snow Skiing

b) Bowling

c) Sky Diving

d) Sleeping

And of course, the answer is.. D!!!

Little Kitty

The Big Kitty managed quite a feat before curling up for a nap. This box lid was originally on a box. She managed to take it off the box herself, turn it upside down, and then thought it might be a good place to sleep.

Big Kitty
The toy next to her is her much prized penguin, which she brings to us while meowing some kind of kitty Broadway theme every night at bedtime and when we both leave the house she carries it down the stairs and leaves it by the door for us. Only we don’t get the benefit of that Broadway Meow performance as we’re not here. I am quite sure the neighbours enjoy it, though. :)

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One thought on “What Are Those Kitties Up To Now?

  1. Cats are well known for their performances. Just stop performing at 3.30 am is all I ask.

    Lovely kitty of mine spent ALL day on my bed (even though she knew I wanted to change and wash the bedclothes today). So being a good kitty mum, I left her in peace until she deigned to rise at 4.30 this afternoon.

    Left a lovely long vomity surprise all over the quilt. Said she knew I wanted to wash it….



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