Mosaic Kingdom

I love Mother of Pearl. I also have a great fondness for the TV Shopping Network. For those of you not familiar with TVSN, it is a channel on pay tv which runs 24/7 (though shows are usually repeated overnight) with all kinds of products. They have massive amounts of jewelery and I like to watch. Usually not because I want to buy anything, but just to see all the pretty sparkly. ;)

Quite a few weeks ago I saw a show called Mosaic Kingdom which is jewelery that has mosaics of Mother of Pearl. The show stuck in my mind for quite a while. Then on Sunday night I was flicking around and I saw a great special on the shopping channel for shampoo, conditioner and body wash of a brand I had wanted to try for a while $14.50 and no postage, so I thought I would grab that on the website. While there I ended up looking at the Mosaic Kingdom stuff again and that was exactly the same price with free shipping so I grabbed a pendant. It arrived today – very quick! And here’s a photo –

Mosaic Kingdom Pendant

Of course the photo does not do it justice but you can see some of the beauty – every single piece of mosaic has different colors in it – yellows, greens, blues and the pinks. It is almost like opal but without the enormous price tag. I always take loads of pictures of the inside of shells at the beach because they are so beautiful. And the fascinating part is they can look so different depending on how the light hits them.

TVSN still has some of the Mosaic Kingdom pieces on clearance starting at just under $10 which is *crazy* time. Get in quick if you want one. ;) I’m tempted to pick up a couple more pieces myself now that I’ve seen them live, they are beautiful and so reasonably priced. ;) But let me warn you, their website is like a trap of doom for anyone who likes a bit of sparkly.. there are pages and pages of jewellery and some of it looks really expensive but has nowhere near the price tag you would expect.

Of course, they have some insanely expensive – and sometimes oddly ugly things there too.. Me personally I never buy jewelery that costs more than $30 or so. But to each their own.. :)

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3 thoughts on “Mosaic Kingdom

  1. I’m an avid collector of mother-of-pearl everything, especially shells, paints and inks. Can’t get enough of that LUSTRE!



  2. I gave up buying jewellery years ago when I realised that I didn’t wear any of my pieces. Then a few years ago, about 3, whatever I had hanging around my neck suddenly irritated the haeck out of me. It was in the way, where before I had never noticed it. So off it came. All I wear now is the two pairs of sleepers in each ear. Don’t even open the treasure box anymore.

  3. This pendant is very pretty and unique. Nice find! Lately I haven’t been wearing necklaces very often, but I really need to get back in the habit. No sense owning them if I’m not going to show them off!

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