Ooh Is Sparkly!

A good friend of mine recently took me to a bead shop. The Other Half had actually banned me from going there because it had a lot of sparkly things. I found out that the place does lessons on how to make jewellery, so today I went in and made me a few pairs of earrings. Here’s one of them.

Pink and Purple Earrings

Making earrings is a lot easier than I would have ever expected. I spent a lovely afternoon chilling out and creating things. These are so pretty with the pink and purple cracked glass bead. I love them! The pinky bead right at the bottom of the earrings is a real freshwater pearl. :) I’m going back next week to learn to make necklaces. :)

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9 thoughts on “Ooh Is Sparkly!

  1. Shiny! Beading is fun isn’t it? My daughter and granddaughter have kits at home and make all kinds of stuff for christmas and birthdays.

  2. Wow they are crazy….

    I went into a shop like this last summer and helped make a simple tigers eye necklace for my girl friend…. she was over the mood but did go back and get a slightly bigger stone :)

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