Some Search Terms

Some of today’s search terms –
sock stuck in front loader
how do cows know the time??
make myself a fake check online

To the person searching for the last one – that would be *illegal* – not a good idea! I’ve been asking myself how do cows know when it is time to go home for ages, but I suspect they really don’t care what the time is otherwise. ;) It isn’t like they have to get to an appointment. And congratulations to the person who got a sock stuck in their front loader – I did not know that was possible, quite a feat!

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4 thoughts on “Some Search Terms

  1. I see it around the blogosphere – and some of them are so funny. I have had a few funny ones too. I keep meaning to do a post on it – already made badge but waiting for a real ‘winner’.

    I have always wondered that about cows too -we worked next door to a dairy for a few years and every afternoon I would see them heading down /back to the shed.

  2. Cows know when to come home by the fullness of the udder. They need to be milked, so they all start heading for the barn. Simple. It’s a twice daily regular cycle.

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