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There’s a lot going on in my offline life at the moment but none of it is anything I can really talk about here. And that’s a shame in some ways but it is also a good thing in some ways because I am so tired of the topic it isn’t funny. So I could tell you about the kitties doing a power struggle over the best place to sleep in the house, or that the little kitty has a new bird friend who taunts her daily by flying right up to the windows of The Other Half’s room and catching little bugs but I really wanted to share photos and in the second case a video of the little kitty jumping to get the bird.

Or I could tell you how the Roy Orbison show we went to see last weekend didn’t have the same Roy Orbison as last time and therefore turned the experience into something cringeworthy instead of an amazing experience and in fact we did not stay to hear the rest of the songs. But that is kinda one of those you had to be there moments.

Or I could tell you how The Other Half decided he wanted to replace the stereo in the car. Sometimes it wouldn’t read cd’s and it was intermittent and very annoying, so he chose a new one and he wanted me to get involved in the decision making process and frankly, after having my beautiful car stereo stolen many years ago I really didn’t have the heart for it. And I was feeling a bit annoyed about the whole thing. And I really just wanted to keep the stereo we had. But then he installed it and he called me down there to look at it and I was all *sigh* but when I got down there and he showed me that you could change the colors of the display, I noticed the stereo was actually sparkly! And then I got on board. But I wanted to have photos for that too, and the car isn’t here.

So I’ll just say that it has started to get a little chilly here at night now, and I have washed my big comfortable rugs and I have one on my recliner which I can completely snuggle under. And last night The Other Half went to Sydney for training, and I stayed up a little late watching tv, and both the kitties found a spot on top of my rug that was far enough away from the other kitty that nobody got upset, and they were all warm and furry, and I managed to move around and stay comfortable without disturbing either of them. It was lovely. Happy moments!

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9 thoughts on “No News To Type..

  1. Being snuggled up on a recliner with two kitties sounds the perfect way to spend a cold evening.
    I’m glad you didn’t tell about the kitties power struggle, the Roy Orbison debacle or the car stereo. Pictures are so cool.

  2. I’m so glad to hear you had a nice cozy evening. Also glad that the car stereo pleasantly surprised you. Gotta take joy from those things because they are beautiful and life is full of uglies but we can’t dwell on them or it makes our time here so unpleasant. I’m still looking for the perfect distance for my cats to be in the same room without going at each other. LOL.

  3. I relate about the car radio. My wife tells me that I am not much of a ‘bloke’. I hate cars, I am absolutely useless as a handyman, infact it is my wife who fixes things around the house.

    However one area of ‘blokiness’ that I have is my stereo. I had it for more than twenty years and one of the speakers needs to be fixed, but it is a low priority for her. “It’s sounds fine to me”. No use explaining that it is like a car not firing on all cylinders.

    Also she got an iPod for her birthday and after lots of time struggling with our ancient computer I managed to be able to record our music on vinyl (yes, we are that old) as audio files, so she could listen to her favourite music on her iPod.

    This involved taking the whole stereo unit tom the study, which meant shifting furniture etc. I did it when she wasn’t at home. She wasn’t impressed. “But I got some of your 1977 records on the iPod” I meekly explained. “It is not THAT important” she said.

    I was a bit miffed. But then I realised she was right. It was my achievement of recording the vinyl on the iPod that I really enjoyed.

  4. Hi there! Been too long since I stopped by, so I’m a little overdue. Glad to hear you’ve got a little snuggle fest going on over there. :) Sounds real nice. We have a cat and a dog. They don’t get along and neither of them really like to snuggle much. :(

  5. Snuggling with happy kitties…bliss!

    We have three, and they entertain and delight every day. I enjoyed stopping by your blog, always nice to meet another cat lover!

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