Weekly Wrap – Uncles And Day Trips


My apologies all, yesterday we went to Sydney and did not get home till nearly half past eleven. I’d planned to write this last night and add it to Sunday Selections but that did not happen.

The Canberra day trip was great – mostly shopping. My parents had to do a stocktake and sadly there was no time for Floriade as one of the other people assigned to the stocktake did not show up. I was roped in to count for the couple of hours when I had planned to take myself to Floriade. More about that day trip in the next Sunday Selections, with photos.

I’ve written here before about my Uncle and my Chinese Aunt. In February he wanted to move back to Adelaide but my parents and I talked him out of it. At that time, we spoke with him about some very specific and important things that he needed to do as a matter of urgency –

– see his doctor and get a mental health plan and referral to a psychologist as his OCD, anxiety and depression were spiraling out of control. As in opening and closing the car door 10 times, turning his computer on and off for an hour, that kind of thing..

– organise English lessons for his wife – she gets 500 hours of tuition free but you have to *organise* that. He’d already been given all the information to do that when he first arrived here and 6 months had passed with no improvement in her English at all.

Six months later and he had done neither of those things, and suddenly he decided it was time to move to Adelaide. We were so over his behaviour by this point that not one of us tried to talk him out of it. He has many serious issues – all of which he knows about and admits to – with zero intention of addressing any of them.

My Uncle cannot ever do things logically or in a sane manner, so he chose to ship his vehicle back to Adelaide rather than drive it, and fly over with 6 suitcases, 2 carry on suitcases, and 5 boxes. He sold all his furniture for way less than he paid for it and once his car left, he had no way to get to the airport. He just assumed my parents would take him.

Well my parents have driven to Canberra last week, they go to Sydney next week, they were short staffed this weekend, and they were quite tired. They’ve had the unexpected issue of an air-conditioner break down at work and have needed to go and lock up the shop at 1am every night this past week. Wisely, they declined an airport run.

I put our hand up for 2 reasons –

– IKEA trip!
– the chance to have a Korean BBQ buffet dinner with friends.

And so yesterday we packed all his worldly goods into the back of my parents van and drove them to Sydney.

My uncle had spent 7 days cleaning his unit, including cleaning the gutters with Windex. His anxiety level was high. His wife is *over* him at this point. If she leaves him once she gets her permanent residency, I will not blame her at all. I will miss her much more than I will miss him, which is kinda sad in its own way.

Anyway, IKEA was awesome as always, dinner with our friends at Se Jong was amazing – I did not take any photos to share with you – we were too busy cooking, eating, and enjoying – but here are some if you want to know more about the place.. I ate so many prawns!

This will become a regular trip we think. Except the dropping off the uncle part and thank the deities for that, because next time we can go in our own car.

weekly wrap up

Sunday Selections Week 42


Would you like to go to the garden centre with me? Don’t worry, we will look with our eyeballs, not our purses.


These were new to me – lollipop daisies. I am not normally a daisy fan but I love these!


They had quite a range of different coloured daisies.


This bee was a fan.


Out of all the non flowering plants, I deeply love Pittosporum. My parents have this planted down one side of their house and have made it into a hedge of awesomeness.


This little plant is called a Loropetalum. Every year at this particular garden centre they grow something to a very large size and make a feature of it out the front of the place, then they have smaller versions inside for people to buy. This years plant has proved so popular, the local Bunnings are stocking it too.


There is some truth in advertising.. :)


What a gorgeous display of purple and pink! I bought the Aubrieta.

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Sunday Selections, weekly wrap up

Sunday Selections Week 41


While meditating on whether or not I should purchase the Gold Pineapple for my Pineapple Collection, I was wandering through Pillowtalk with a friend and I discovered a couple of items which were considerably marked down. They returned home with me to be added to the candle shelf.


First up, I wanted to see if we could hang up my clock to add some room to the shelf. I was concerned about hanging it up because it is very heavy indeed, and we’d already had an incident where the whiteboard fell off the wall here. The whiteboard is firmly screwed into the wall studs now, and so is the nail holding up the clock.


This tealight holder was $4. I liked it because it was that gorgeous blue glass which I love to collect. However, light a candle inside it, and you get almost a purple effect. The light that shines out of it is a cool white.


The effect of this is quite interesting and makes me want to add more tealight holders in various colours to the shelf.


This gorgeous glass tealight holder with silver accents was $9. I thought it would be interesting to have a candle at a slightly different height, plus the silver fits in with the shelf very well now.


I was right that it is interesting – it allows for some new reflections from the pineapples. I’m still considering the gold pineapple – if and when it gets marked down and I happen to drop in and spot it, I will likely pick it up. Until then, this shelf is looking pretty awesome with the new additions, and I have a few tealight holders which I am planning to rotate onto the shelf regularly.


Of course, there was a copper vase added recently and I also got two new bright red tealight holders. I’ll show you those next time.

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Weekly Wrap Up –

Oops, totally forgot to schedule this post yesterday! I was out to dinner with family while The Other Half went to bed super early. He has gone to Bathurst today leaving at 1am. I am here with a cat who spent most of the night unsuccessfully trying to remove her collar. She is very determined but she has finally given up and climbed into one of her favourite spots to get some sleep.

I get to visit Canberra on Wednesday – just a short day trip. I’m not sure what the plans are but I know DFO is in there somewhere. Next weekend we are dropping my Loopy Uncle off at the airport with all his stuff, and he is going back to Adelaide to live. He has so successfully chewed through my parents goodwill that they are saying they will not take him. Whether that turns out to be the case or whether my Dad will change his mind at the last minute I am not sure.

Fun for all the family! But hey, we’ll make it fun for us with a drop into IKEA, and go to dinner with friends, and probably bring home some Krispy Kremes.

Sunday Selections, weekly wrap up

Sunday Selections Week 40


I think for the foreseeable future, we will make the first Sunday of the month Garden Check In day. The Dianthus in our older planter pot from 2014 are flowering again.

About four weeks ago we did some new planting and two weeks ago I posted this update post.


The flyscreen wrapped garden box is doing very well. We’ve had a praying mantis which has been hanging out on top of it.


The sunflower seeds have turned into tiny plants.


The Nasturtiums are having a wonderful time in their new home. The chooks quite often stand on the hardware wire but they do not eat the plants. In a couple of weeks I will feel secure enough to take this ex-kitty door off.


As you can see, the jasmine has climbed high up the arch. It is smelling awesome!


Next time I will show you the progress of some new plants we have purchased, including my first ever succulent – Portulaca. Here they are as I was buying them in the garden centre.


And a close up of the Portulaca. There were 6 seedlings in here.


The chooks have been getting plenty of free ranging time, and Kitty Supervisor is on the job. I’ve kept that pot on the table for a couple of weeks to make sure the sunflowers get a decent start without a chook eating them incident, but that meant the cats could not eat the cat grass. It was good for the cat grass because they had been chowing down on it, and it needed a break from kitty teeth! ;)


Kitty Supervisor can watch them down here from a side window which is good, because they like to venture down here to some very old lawn clippings and leaves which were left here for a couple of years to turn into bug filled mulch – AKA happy meal time for chooks! There is a gate which shuts this area off if and when new clippings are left here – however that has not happened in some time, the bag catcher is broken.

Weekly Wrap Up –

Daylight Savings starts today here in Australia. Normally this is my favourite time of year because in previous years I have suffered from SAD – that is Seasonal Affective Disorder – however this past winter I did a lot better than usual. I’m crediting the evening candle show, an LED light changing shower head, and LED lights throughout the house for that improvement.

So today I am a little bit sad to be saying goodbye to 5-6 hours of candle time a day. I’ll still be burning candles of an evening and I think that is a long term change for the better for me, it will just be candles for a shorter amount of time each day, and more time outside in the evening for plant watering and chooky chores.

In scheduling news, I already have two posts scheduled for 2016. All my Wednesday posts are written for the rest of the year, and I am scheduled out to November for the other blog days. I like to write ahead, and sometimes posts come up that are time sensitive and the other not so time sensitive posts get pushed out further.

There Was An Incident –

Grumpy is extra grumpy this week. She did something to her eye – we are not sure what happened to start it off, but she was squinting a lot and somehow her bottom eyelid was turning in as a result. After making a vet appointment for Monday we were trying to get some photos to show the vet because we could fix the eyelid – turn it out the right way – and sometimes it would stay fixed for a decent length of time, so we could not guarantee it would happen when we were at the vets with Grumpy. Happy did a little photobomb.


I did manage to get a decent in focus shot which showed the vet everything she needed to see, plus after I showed her the photo the eyelid started to turn in while we were there. That was the last time it turned in and I hope it never happens again!

Ever since Grumpy had that terrible Kidney Shutdown of 2014, she has not been a fan of vets at all. The only person that can hold her when we are there now is The Other Half, and he is the only person who can hold her when she needs to be medicated – which she has needed twice a day this past week for a tablet and ointment in her eye.

We went back to the vet on Friday for another eye dye and blacklight look. It seems like progress has been made, not just on the eye front but also a trip where the only thing that happens is dye in her eye might help her a lot with her vet fears.

We’ll keep up the ointment for another 7 days then take her back again next Friday. This time Happy will go along for a check up as well. I fully anticipate that once the vet finds her melty spot, she will lie down on the table, purr a lot, and ask for belly rubs. :)

The Martian –

The Martian Official Website

We went to see The Martian this weekend. I’d started reading the book a few months ago. The book was something I knew The Other Half would deeply love, so I made him start reading it – and he finished it before I did! That is the fastest he has ever read a book in his lifetime.

I read the book again this week in preparation for seeing the movie and loved it just as much the second time. I was curious about a few things – would the movie begin with the same line as the book, which contains a pretty serious swear word? That would be fine in Australia but I really cannot see the US audience enjoying that. And how would they handle the night soil stuff?

The truth is, I suspect this might be the best space movie ever created, or at least a tie for first place with Apollo 13. Yes, there was some swearing. Yes, there was vacuum sealed poop. Yes, I did cringe at the whole poop thing being a germophobe, but I actually cringed more at Mark performing surgery on himself. There was nothing in the movie that I did not deeply enjoy. Matt Damon was brilliant as expected, so was everyone in it.

So if you have not read the book and you like science, space, Matt Damon, NASA and/or movies set in space, go and see the movie. If you like the movie, read the book. The movie runs for 2h20m, and it felt to me like it went for 30 minutes maximum. Sephyroth wrote about The Martian too. Beware though his post contains some spoilers if you have not seen it.

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Sunday Selections Week 39


Today I have some shots of a sparkly Swarovski light fitting. :) I will let the pictures do the talking!





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Weekly Wrap Up –

After just over 4 years of owning chickens, I managed to be at the coop at the right time to witness an actual egg being laid this week. It is not for lack of trying, believe me. When you go out there and open the flap and a chook is on the nest, 10 times out of 10, they will decide to put their egg laying off until a later moment.

I think I arrived at the exact moment it was too late to postpone that egg. The chook looked at me, I looked at her, and out popped that egg. It was quite a magical moment.

What the heck happened to the warmer weather? I’ve been feeling like an icicle for several days now. Not cool, weather deities! Brrr!

A couple of songs inspired me to sign up to Pandora Radio this week, which I will be writing a post about in the near future. One of them was Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears, and the other one is a Neil Diamond song which appeared in the pilot of Mr Robot. And here it is – as it appears in the show.

It might surprise people to find out I am a Neil Diamond fan. To be honest I like a lot of music which might seem unexpected.

Winner Winner


Chicken and Lamb Roast Dinner! We went to the meat raffle last night and won a couple of trays. I said to The Other Half, I have a mathematical for you – how can I make two of these roasting pans fit in the oven at the same time? He tested it with the cold oven and the answer is, I cannot. They just do not fit together. So I have to roast them separately.

I don’t eat lamb so that is currently cooking in the oven for The Other Half and once it is done we will slice it up awesomely and use it for his lunch sammiches next week. After that, I will roast the chicken with some potatoes and then steam up some carrot, cauliflower and broccoli to go with it. Happy moments!

How About You?

What is happening in your world?

Sunday Selections, weekly wrap up

Sunday Selections Week 38


As I mentioned in this post, I wanted to protect these plants from chickens, moths and caterpillars. We began with chickens because had I kept the girls locked up for a few days. After planting these seedlings one of the English Game Hens had jumped up onto the planter box while I was standing right there, and then looked at me with a face that said, I’m about to eat all your seedlings! She was quickly shooed away. Had I not been there, the seedlings would have been eaten quickly.


My Other Half is a delicate genius as you may be aware. He chose to put this on hinges, to make access easy if required. He knew the box would be completely covered and he thought ahead. Yes, those are the kitties enjoying some backyard time.


You may have noticed, these photos were taken after the box has been covered in fly wire.


The solar lights are those LED colour changing ones. At night this looks pretty funky now. The baby spinach is really taking off.


Here is a shot with the completed box in place.


Some more recycling and some inventions – The Other Half bought a weather station many years ago and some of the plastic parts had disintegrated. He printed out some parts for it with his 3d printer, those are the red parts.


Here is our former cat door, which stands on a layer of brick pavers and then has brick pavers on top holding it in place. This is not a long term solution, it is only temporary while the new plants have a chance to settle in. Otherwise the chooks might dig too much around them and they might not survive it.


We also bought some cat grass and there are some sunflower seeds in this planter box. We’ll see if they grow. :)

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Weekly Wrap Up –

Not much to report this week. Our main goal for this weekend is to install a chicken treat holder in the chook pen – inspired by this post and some cooling racks we found at Aldi. Click through and watch the time lapse video of the chooks eating the treats, it is super cool. :)

The Emmy Awards

This year the results could be *very* different. Alan Sepinwall from Hitfix has a great post about why that might be so. Here’s where you can catch the Emmys on TV in Australia.

Sunday Selections, weekly wrap up

Sunday Selections Week 37


When my Aunt and Uncle were visiting at the start of August, one morning we got a phone call while I was in the shower – the parents felt like visiting a museum. Where should we go? Obviously HARS was my first thought. I knew I wanted to make friends with VH-OJA soonest.


I threw out that suggestion and the parents agreed, and the other half left the bathroom, and a few minutes later I was yelling his name because I just remembered.. call them back and tell them to wear covered shoes. You need to wear covered shoes to visit HARS. My mother has this habit of wearing high heeled clogs which mean her toes and her ankles are exposed to the world. Luckily they had not left home yet, and sneakers were the order of the day for all.


I personally chose to wear some sneakers that Sephyroth had sent me in this package. It felt right that I should wear something he chose to a place I would love to take him. It also felt right that as we went to view VH-OJA, there were Breaking Bad style clouds floating about.


A moment happened which I have dreamed about since I was a child.. There I am, standing on tippy toes, touching the underside of a 747. I will not lie to you, there was salt water forming in my eyes from happiness.


There was also this moment which I had dreamed of for many years – touching the tyres of a 747. They are smaller than I expected them to be. HARS had to come up with a way to tie the tyres down because there can be a lot of wind at Albion Park and in high wind conditions, 747s *want* to fly. Here is some video of that happening to a plane in storage.

If you think about it, that “want to fly while on the ground” characteristic speaks to an amazingly designed plane. No wonder the 747 has been an incredible aircraft for such a long time.


HARS was a fantastic museum to visit. There was a lot to see. It is a small world – we ended up on a tour with the guy who services our vehicles and quite a lot of kids, which could have been deeply annoying but they were very well behaved considering the tour went for two hours and I think maybe twice there was screaming. If we’d been 20 minutes earlier there would have been no kids on our tour, and the tour that went just after ours was just two people.


We will go back again – each tour guide has different personal areas of interest so each tour will be different and they will each have different stories to tell. If you like or love planes you will love this place. Even if you do not love planes, you will probably still enjoy visiting HARS..

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Weekly Wrap Up –

This week we’ve recycled the former chook triangle into a cage to sit on top of the garden bed. It was first chook proofed with hardware wire during the week, and then today it was covered in fly wire to protect the plants inside from moths and caterpillars.

We’ve also recycled the hardware wire covered cat door we created when our new little kitty arrived home a couple of years ago and made that into a cover for the nasturtiums. The chooks have been out and about quite a bit since Thursday after a few days locked in, free ranging and eating spiders. Pics next week as this post is already picture heavy. :)

We’re watching 2 episodes of 24 a day at dinner time – this was a show neither of us had ever seen. We’re enjoying it. It is nice to watch a show together and it rarely happens that we both like something. Mr Robot has inspired us to try some new shows and find things we like.

I am watching The Pacific by myself – another show we have never seen. There are three reasons I wanted to see this show –

– on our last trip to Hawaii I became interested in WW2 history. I brought home 4 books on Pearl Harbor and I got a couple more for my Kindle.

– Anything Tom Hanks has been involved with you can be 100% sure it is going to be pretty incredible has been my experience. I’ve seen 5 episodes and this is no exception to the Tom Hanks rule.

– Rami Malek, again. Though the character he plays is deeply creepy.. and I do mean creepy.

Oddly enough, I discovered that I have the companion book to the series on my e-reader, so I am reading that as well..

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Sunday Selections Week 36


I had zero plans to garden this year. Three Sydney Funnelwebs have been found on this property since Autumn. For those of you not familiar with this creature, it is extremely venomous and quite aggressive. Never fear, there are no spider images here. I would not do that to you! Arachnophobes know better than to post certain pics as a surprise to other people.


But then, I saw these gorgeous gloves at Aldi, and I re-thought my zero gardening plan. Maybe I would feel more comfortable wearing a pair of substantial gloves. We tried them on – The Other Half got large ones, my hands fit perfectly into medium.


My zero plans were quadrupled into “no *#@!&*%$ way am I gardening this year” when two absolute nitwits posted images on a local community group of Sydney Funnelwebs they had found out and about after the floods. UNSUBSCRIBE ME URGENTLY! I left both groups. Life is way too short for spider images on my Facebook feed. The damage was done, though. My skin crawled for an entire week. Not cool at all!


These people had put these creatures into plastic containers with sawdust, which implies keeping the creature long term. That freaks me out. Plus I feel like it is a bit cruel to the spiders. Not quite as cruel as what my chickens do to them which is dead them and eat them. But if they are found on my property, I’m backing the chickens 100% – dead them and eat them, girls!


Gardening this year was back on my agenda despite the images, because the chooks have been getting plenty of free range time and they have been spending a lot of it in the garden bed. I’ve compromised with a – sort of – gardening plan.


I decided to put some baby spinach, silverbeet, and brussel sprouts into the large planter box. I’m not sure how it will go because last year the kale was a massive failure in there – many moths laid eggs on it and they never grew the way they should have. I might end up screening this planter box in, if that happens again this year.


Into the large garden bed, I planted two Nasturtium plants. There is already one Nasturtium down the back and when the chooks are in the garden bed they mostly leave it alone. There are bugs to dig for, ain’t no chook got time to be eating plants! If I pull some out and throw it into the chook pen they gobble it up with great glee, because they have usually already eaten all the bugs in there before midday. I will buy any new varieties that I see of this plant because I love the flowers *and* humans and the chooks can eat it.


The chooks are on the lay again – on average I am getting 3-4 eggs a day. When I make my snacks, I sometimes mix a Manning Valley egg in with the girls small eggs, which are the largest ones they sell.

If I were *not* an Arachnophobe, I would post a picture of this little orb weaver which I see every single day when I check the chook coop for eggs. It has found a tiny home in a small screw hole on the chook pen and every day when the sun rises, it folds itself into this teeny spot.

I’m ok with certain kinds of spider making a home around the chook pen – they help with catching mosquitos and flies. Once I know where the web is, I am not likely to walk into it by mistake. The only thing that spider has to worry about is the chooks, who will eat any spider they see. Luckily they cannot reach where it is, nor could they see it unless he moved. It is well camouflaged. My little friend will find many tasty treats this spring and summer.

If I see one of those scary aggressive venomous creatures, I’m probably going to want to be on the next flight to Antarctica. I’m certainly not going to be putting it into a plastic container, nor will I be trying to kill it myself, and there will be a lot of screaming.. You’ll hear it, wherever you are.. :)

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Weekly Wrap Up –

Loads of goings on here at home, but nothing especially exciting that has not already been turned into a future blog post. My readers who have zero interest in Mr Robot can skip this next bit because it is a Mr Robot Finale Festival! ;)


The Mr Robot finale was awesome in some ways, but also slightly disappointing in some ways. I think the extra week of waiting meant that my expectations were very high..


Alan Sepinwall said “What a fascinating, off-kilter, 100% “Mr. Robot” way to end this season” and on reflection I have to agree with that concept. I have not re-watched it yet purely because I did not feel ready to – I’m letting it sink in first. One thing I do know, that scene in Times Square was an enormous explosion of colour in a usually quite muted show colour palette.


I’ve collected up a roundup of interviews and linkage for you. SPOILER ALERT – there are spoilers in these interviews. You do not want to click unless you have seen the entire 10 episodes of Mr Robot.

Interviews with Rami Malek

‘Mr. Robot’ Star Rami Malek on the ‘Emotional’ Season Finale (SPOILERS)
Rami Malek of USA’s ‘Mr. Robot’ | ‘The Andy Greenwald Podcast’ – This interview is older but was deeply excellent. Grantland has a lot of Mr Robot content – Grantland – Mr Robot
Rami & Twin Sami on Jimmy Kimmel – Having a twin is a great way to figure out what you would look like with a beard and a different hairstyle.

Interviews with Christian Slater –

Christian Slater weighs in on Mr. Robot twist and season finale
Mr. Robot Speaks: Christian Slater on ‘Mr. Robot’s’ Shocking, Roanoke-Delayed Finale and Season 2

Interview with BD Wong –

BD Wong on Why Mr. Robot’s Portrayal of a Transgender Character Is Radical

Interviews with Sam Esmail –

Sam Esmail Joins Andy Greenwald To Discuss ‘Mr. Robot’ First Season This is an hour long video interview – it was brilliant
Mr. Robot’s creator ‘did everything in my power’ to telegraph the big twist
Mr. Robot finale: Creator Sam Esmail answers burning questions
‘Mr. Robot’ Boss Talks Finale and Season 2: Elliot “Is Past the Point of No Return”
Mr. Robot Creator Sam Esmail on His Plans for Season Two and What the Show Is Really All About
‘Mr. Robot’ Finale: Series Creator On White Rose, The Wellicks & Elliot’s Memory Dump In Season 2
So… what did you think? – Sam Esmail asked what people thought over on Reddit and he also replied to a few of the comments.

Opinion re the finale –

How the Mr. Robot Finale Tumbled Backward into Its Most Piercing Social Message Yet
How Mr. Robot Killed the Centerpiece of Prestige Television: Capitalism
How Mr. Robot Became One of TV’s Most Visually Striking Shows
Mr. Robot had a perfect season on Rotten Tomatoes

About the mail program Elliot uses –

‘Mr. Robot’: How A New Product Feature Was Incorporated By ProtonMail After Discussions With The Producers

Over To You –

Anything interesting happening in your world? :)

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Sunday Selections Week 35

It has been quite a rainy week here on the South Coast.


That was our rain total on Wednesday afternoon. Monday we had 107.2mm – Tuesday 254.5 – Wednesday 45mm. I suspect on Tuesday quite a lot of rain ended up not being counted because we had strong winds as well and several times I looked out there to see that it was raining sideways instead of down. Our rain gauge is not equipped for such shenanigans.


The stormwater drains were so full, the water was flowing out into the street rather than into the drains.


The front yard had a swimming pool next to the rubbish bins.


It is times like these I am really glad we put the chook coop and run up on stilts. We did that initially because of our drainage problem out there, but it has been a blessing in more ways than keeping their feet dry in wet weather.

The space underneath is on slightly higher ground and the chooks hang out down there in summer because it is super shady and cool. When it rains a little, it remains dry and they can dustbathe there. When it rains a lot like this, even that area gets soaked but it is from water running across not from being rained on. They still like to venture down there and chase bugs and worms swimming by and have another place to visit without getting rained on.

Their water bowls live under the coop partly to protect them from stuff being blown in when it is windy, partly to protect them from rain and also because they do spend so much time hanging out there, I really want their water to be where they are.


The grassy area is a swimming pool when it rains a lot here. I am writing this on Saturday and all of this area is starting to dry out. When I visited the chooks this morning, I saw they’ve already made themselves a new dustbathing area in the slightly higher ground in the garden bed you can see in the very top left of this photo.


I’m happy to say the concrete is doing very well and in particular the drain by the shed door did a lot of excellent work during these torrential rains. I’m very thankful we had it done before this happened because the driveway would be a soggy pothole covered mess by now.

We certainly did not have the same kind of issues that people in Sussex Inlet, St Georges Basin, Shoalhaven Heads, Callala Bay and around some of the other areas near waterways. There was a lot of very bad flooding in those areas. Here are some pictures taken from a helicopter.

Snoskred Is Superstitious

The whole time my Aunt and Uncle were visiting, our cars needed washing but I was all.. no, lets not do that because it will rain. So I got the car washed, and then we have these huge rains.

And then, I think I jinxed Mr Robot, because leading up to the finale being aired this week I was so excited and the day before I said to The Other Half “This time tomorrow we will know more”. And then they postponed it due to the shooting. On the one hand, good on them.

On The Other Hand –

If television episodes with shootings in them were postponed regularly in the USA whenever there is a shooting, those episodes would never, ever be aired. Seriously, the second amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791. I think perhaps, back in those days, there might have been good reasons to be carrying a gun, like wild animals roaming and in order to hunt.

Wonkette wrote this great piece – Here’s How The Second Amendment Has Prevented Tyranny Lately – remember they are a sarcastic satire site however that article says everything that needs to be said.

Well, almost everything. How about the fact that so far this year, on average 35 Americans every single day have been killed by gun violence.

There is even a site that keeps count – Gun Violence Archive. But hey, it doesn’t matter what I think – I’m not American and there is nothing I can do other than feel deep sadness from afar.

Weekly Wrap Up –

This week I did a lot of writing for the blog. Posts are pre-scheduled into October, at this stage. I also did a lot of drafts – eg I did all my Sunday Selections drafts with the dates and categories for the rest of 2015, all ready for me to put the photos into.



This week I had set a goal of adding as many of the blogs on my blogroll into my Bloglovin’ as possible – most of them were already on there. If they were not already listed, I did not add them, though as a reader you always can do that. You can check out who I am following via this link or via my Blogroll page, plus new follows and blogs I am test driving get added at the end of each month in my new feeds post.

Have you claimed your blog over at Bloglovin’? I’m writing a post on how to do that, which I am hoping to schedule for Tuesday this week as all the other days are already taken.. :)

Rewatch Breaking Bad

Untitled - 90

Also this week, I wrote the final posts for Rewatch Breaking Bad. I’ve given one post to Sephyroth who of course picked the best episode ever – Ozymandias – and once that is loaded in, the blog will be complete.

I do not think I anticipated the huge amount of work involved in putting those posts together when I started out. I figured it would be copy and paste the text in, add some screenshots, add a couple of links. The truth of the matter – each show had to be watched and screenshots taken which was quite time consuming.

Untitled - 305

On average I took around 60 screenshots per episode though I did not use anywhere near that many. A 45 minute episode paused 60 times blows out to about an hour and a half. I know the commands to edit screenshots in Photoimpact off by heart now..

Then I would re-watch the episode to grab extra favourite lines. Then I would watch the episode with the commentary track if it had one, and listen to the podcast. Plus, Sephyroth was proof reading my work, so he’ll probably be glad to see an ending as well! ;)

Finishing that blog is a huge relief and there were times when I thought I would give up and quit. Today it is a year and one day since the first post was published there. This is a huge happy moment for me. :)

Mr Robot

For fans of Mr Robot, you might love this interview with hoodie tidbits and this interview. There is this SAG interview as well. And the people behind the Facebook page are *awesome*. You can get to know Rami Malek some more here, and did you know Rami has a twin brother?

If you can stand Chris Hardwick, there is the Nerdist podcast with Christian Slater and Rami Malek. The interview starts at 5:02 and the first five minutes was *more* annoying than I expected so trust me, skip ahead.

Apparently the finale will be 75 minutes long. It is important to keep watching till the end of the credits. I don’t know if it is apparent or noticeable :) but I am *obsessed* with this show. My apologies for writing about it so much! Never fear, one more episode and it is over for 2015.

Over To You –

Anything interesting happening in your world this week? Let me know in the comments!

Sunday Selections, weekly wrap up

Sunday Selections Week 33


Ilikai Hotel & Condos – where we stayed on our last visit to Oahu in 2013.


A beach photo from our last visit in 2013.


A rainbow over the same beach.

Would you like to join in? The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to River at Drifting Through Life, somewhere in your post
3. leave River a comment so that she knows you’ve joined in and can come over and see what you’ve posted.

Snoskred Returns Tomorrow

Snoskred returns from her holidays with a new post tomorrow. Comments are turned off for this post but tomorrow they will be back on and Snoskred will be keen to hear from you..

Sunday Selections, weekly wrap up