A Month Later

And a couple of days but who is counting?

We’ve had to upgrade our storage system. I was using clothes racks with pants (trouser) hangers. Does anyone want a couple of hundred of those? I have many many many of them spare now.

Well. I wish I could say the workload has become less but if anything it has become more especially in the past week as we added Afterpay to the website and I was preparing to do a stocktake while setting up the new storage system. We did that Friday and Saturday.

Fridays are usually pretty quiet around here – I get why because I never go anywhere on a Friday, it is the day all the tourists come down and clog up the highway. But of course the minute one plans to do something on a Friday..

At one point I had three customers in the store plus my parents in the studio trying to count things.

I reached TILT point sometime Saturday afternoon not long after we finished the stocktake and thus took the rest of Saturday off and today, Sunday, I am steering clear of the business and using the day to catch up on some much needed housework.

I am actually trying to find a cleaner to do some of the things I just no longer have time for.

We had a lovely young man come in and mop the floors of the kitchen/dining/hallway and two of the bathrooms a few weeks back, they had just started to be very slippery and I could tell more expertise was needed than I was capable of putting together. He used some kind of special floor cleaner and the floors were so gorgeous for a while there. I’m hoping he can fit me in once a fortnight to do the spare bathroom and toilet plus the ensuite, and the floors.

But today I have to deal with my entertainment area which has gathered a lot of dust and needs a full on attack of wiping over.

This was meant to just be a hobby business to keep me entertained while The Other Half went to UNI. Something to give me a focus after my last horrible employment experience. Well it certainly has done that. And a bit more.

I hope you are all keeping well. I do not keep up with the news anymore. Enough was enough a few weeks ago, I have enough to focus on here.

I do sometimes get a chance to read your blogs and I always open up your posts to leave comments but then I get sidetracked and distracted and me typing the comment never seems to actually happen. I’m sorry about that. But know that I am keeping good thoughts for you all. **hugs**

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7 thoughts on “A Month Later

  1. It is amazing how it has taken off. As a business proposition, I would have probably said no and I would have been wrong. It’s interesting how you have had to invest more and more to presumably make more and more.

  2. It sounds as though The Business has become the cuckoo in the nest, growing and eating you out of house and home. Perhaps you will have to think of taking on help, at least part-time.

  3. I’m very impressed with your business! Do remember that it’s okay to leave time for you but I imagine during the growing phase that that is very hard to do.

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