The Sleeper

You may recall this photo from a previous post. Since I got this new rug in June, we have an incredibly happy Grumpy. We have never seen her sleep this deeply before. Something about this rug sends her far away into cat dreams.

Recently there has been a new development – if we are not here of an evening, she will actually climb into my rug and curl up to sleep, surrounding herself with warm fluffyness.

What is that white thing you see? Toes.

We really should buy another one and cut it into four so she can have several cat sized new places to sleep.

Why are you disturbing me, if you aren’t turning the heater on? The least you could do is take a better photo of me, if you are going to post it on your blog!

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4 thoughts on “The Sleeper

  1. I agree, buy another one, so at least you can wash the first one and Grumpy will still have somewhere to sleep while it is drying. It looks to be the same fabric as the blanket on my bed that my Lola loves so much.

  2. what a sweet cat, they do have their favorite places to sleep, I read that cats can tell the difference between one degree of temperature and will seek the coldest or hottest place depending upon their need. You have a very interesting blog, I read down several posts and couldn”t stop going

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