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I sent out a plea for Beerenberg to my South Australian family members. My Aunt was headed our way because she is filling in at work for someone who took a spill from their motorbike and broke many bones. They will be off work for at least 6 weeks.

When we went to pick my aunt up at the airport, something happened to me. Back when I worked in Adelaide my day would start by catching the train into town and then picking up a Hudsons Coffee on my way to the call centre. I’d have another one for morning tea, some days! I always really loved their coffee and I have missed it enormously, though they update me via my Facebook feed.

For the most part in NSW they can be found in hospitals and airports. While it is fantastic that those in the airports and hospitals can get a great cup of coffee, these are not usually places that are easy to visit if you are not picking someone up at the airport or visiting someone in the hospital.

When I walked into the arrivals hall at Terminal 3 and saw there was a small Hudsons kiosk.. I completely forgot about everything and made a beeline to the counter to order all the coffee. Plus I got this lovely keep cup which despite appearances is not glass. This is a Marble Mocha which was my standard order back in the day. It was as good as I remember.

It was a very South Australian day as there was a 2 litre flagon of sauce in the suitcase for us. Now we can sausage roll again without fear of running out.

I’ve been taking on a new role at my work just lately as someone is going on holidays and I need to cover for them. It has been a steep learning curve for me. So posts over the next month or so might be a bit light in content even though there are a lot of things I want to post I might not have the time to write. Sometimes you might just get a photo.

I’ve been doing some art classes during winter. I did succulent wreath making – I think River would have LOVED that class – I found you one South Australian option here and here is a how to do it yourself guide! – and playing with polymer clay.

I struggled with the wreath making to be honest, but the polymer clay class was totally my thing. It was five hours long but it felt like five minutes. I could have kept going another five hours without even blinking. I was so completely absorbed in what I was doing, I forgot everything around me and focused in. Sometimes you just need a mental circuit breaker and this was perfect for me in the midst of learning all this new stuff..

I hope you are all well and happy. I may not have as much time as I would like for blog reading and commenting in August, but I will try to keep up as much as I can.

When was the last time you were challenged by learning something new?

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6 thoughts on “Currently In August

  1. Beautiful clay work and colors! Glad you could get your favorite coffee. I have been challenged by retirement and forging a new routine/schedule for myself. I’m still working on it.

  2. That’s a huge bottle of sauce, is that the 5 litre size? That would last me a long, long time. I rarely use sauce except for cooking in the winter, it goes into casseroles etc.
    I’ve never thought about wreath making, but I’ll certainly check out the links. I love polymer clay, the grandchildren had some years ago and I played around with a bit while they were making stuff.

  3. P.S. Stand that nearly empty bottle of sauce upside down over a jug or jar and catch the remaining few spoonfuls, you’ll be surprised how much is there. Or add a quarter to half cup of water, shake it well to collect all the sauce and add it to gravies.

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