True Bargains

Sometimes you are not sure if the thing you are buying is a bargain or not. Especially if it is not something you regularly keep an eye on the price of. An example – you may recall in June, I bought a new blanket. I paid $42.50 for it. I use it on my recliner and Grumpy LOVES it.

So I thought I might go back and see if I could get another one around the same price, giving her other places to sleep other than my lap which she finds disruptive as I tend to get up more often than she would like AKA not stay perfectly still in one place for hours at a time. :) It turns out though, this was a genuine bargain.

At $79 she is going to have to put up with my disruptions. I will wait to see if these go on sale again and if they do you bet I will get another one because they are toasty warm and very pleasing to the Grumpy. Though we will soon arrive at a point where I switch back to my other rug – there are some days where this current rug is *too* warm especially with a cat added to it.

But not this week, as it is icy here at the moment. We got down to 3.1 on Monday, yet these past couple of weeks we have been having bushfires. Very little rain, no clouds in the sky, gorgeous blue sky days, but many of us are wishing for rain. Not flash flooding type rain, just long term sustained rain.. We need it.

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4 thoughts on “True Bargains

  1. I didn’t realise your blanket was microfibre. I thought it was the same plush as the one I got from Cheap as Chips, which Lola loves and it is also very warm. But not blanket sized, it’s more a throw size, which is fine with me because I’m short and of course Lola doesn’t care what size it is. If you want a spare for Grumpy Cheap as Chips still has these for $22, in assorted colours.

  2. That is an unusual savings indeed! We desperately need rain to calm the wildfires in British Columbia and our smoke fest here. For the 4th day we’ve been advised to stay inside. I’m going nuts!

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