The Aldi Cat Bed


Grumpy is appreciating this Aldi cat bed very much lately, especially since it got very cold here.


We were lucky to find this on special for $9.99. I bought one. I put it in the bedroom the first night and Grumpy discovered it and settled in. The next morning I carried it out into the lounge and put it in front of the gas heater and she spent the entire day there.

A couple of days later we had to go back into town and I sent The Other Half to buy a second one if they had it. He returned with two more!

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10 thoughts on “The Aldi Cat Bed

  1. I tried a cat bed for Angel in the beginning, a different style, but still soft and fluffy. He wouldn’t go near it. His sleeping spot is/was the end of my bed. Where he prefers to spread out to his full size most of the time, leaving very little room for my feet.

    • There are several other failed cat bed purchases dotted around the house, Mitchell. Sometimes only a cardboard box will do, but we tried putting one of the snubbed cat beds into a cardboard box which gave it a new life and Happy decided to adopt that bed recently. Happy does not like these Aldi ones but I think she just cannot work out how to get into them comfortably. :) Oh, for a circular box. ;)

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