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As you read yesterday, this month is a little different to our usual New Feeds. Normally when I add a new blog to the feed reader, I have read back 20-40 posts and decided that I liked the content and wanted to read more.

This month, I did not visit the blogs themselves – only the blog page on Bloglovin. There were three criteria –

– They must be following a blog I already follow
– They must have posted something recently – Sep/Aug
– Is the content I can see interesting to me.

It should be noted that Bloglovin does not show much in the way of content – you only get a photo, the headline and maybe two sentences of text at most. So there is a chance not very many of these blogs will be long term keepers for me.

I will mention that anyone who has followed me gets an automatic follow back and a link below if they have a blog of their own, so there are a couple of blogs in here which are in different languages to the one I speak.

Important note –

If I followed you in September but your blog is not listed below, it is not listed on my blogroll, and you do not appear in my last 6 months of new feeds posts, please let me know in the comments so I can make sure to add your blog to this list. :)

13 Acres
5 Acres & A Dream
A Change of Pace
A Clean Bake
A Fresh Legacy
A Girl & Her Travels
A Global Stroll
A Labour of Life
a quiet girl in a noisy city
A Silver Twig
Actually Its Auburn
Adventures in Tea and Cake
Adventures of a Teacher in Transition
Always Bubbles
Amanda Moments
Amy and the Great World
An Autumns Grace
An English Homestead
An Inch of Gray
Anchored to Sunshine
Angie The Freckled Rose
Another Clean Slate
Another Version
Averie Cooks
B. Britnell
Barbell & Me
Barbie Sparkles
Belleau Kitchen
Bisous des Caribous
Bits of This & That
Blog A Book Etc
Blogging For Sanity
Boho and Vintage
Books, Baking and Blogging
Bourbon & Brown Sugar
Broma Bakery
Cake Over Steak
can I decide another day?
Casa Costello
Cattitude and Co.
Closet Cooking
Club VIP Da Lulusinha
Coastal Charm
color me kiki
Comfort Spiral
Confessions of an Art Teacher
Cookaholic Wife
Cookies Cardio and Clothes
Cornish Chickpea
Country Life Experiment
Courtney, With Love
Culinary Hill
Curvy Girl On a Budget
Curvy Girl Thin
Daisy Jayde
Day Dreaming Foodie
Dear Credit Card
Dear Diet Monster
Delicate Teeth
Designing From My Closet
Dorothy K
Downsize dreaming
Eat Drink Cook
Eat with Ellen
Eco Footprint ~ South Africa
Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary
Essays and Wine
Everything Erin
Far Side of Fifty
Farm Girl
Feast with Sophie
Feasting at Home
Feet on Foreign Lands
Fennell Books
Foggy Day Studio
Food, Booze, & Baggage
Food, Feasting and Fun
Forever The Adventurer
Fork and Good
Fox Trails
Friko’s World
From the corners of the Curve
Frugal Foodie Mama
Goodnightgram’s Blog
Havoc In The Kitchen
Healthy Lifestyle Recipes Blog
Heddington Posts
Home Made Zagat
How Kate Does Fashion
I Don’t Like Peas
I Only Eat Desserts
Ilona’s Passion
In this life
Indecisive Emma
insert classy here
insolence + wine
It’s Em…
It’s Jenny on the Spot
jana’s thinking place
Jani Franck
Jeannie in a Bottle
Jetsettin Daisy
Jo’s Kitchen
Joy’s Book Blog
Just for our Health
Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard
Kasey at the Bat
Knit, bake, cultivate
La Pecosa Preciosa
Laughs Loudly and Often
Layers of Happiness
Life According to Steph
Life with Lolo
Lily, Not Louise
Lisa Berson
Lit Nerd
Little Apple Tree
Little Miss Drama Queen
Little Vegan Bear
live it.bake it
Live Well Bake Often
Local Adventurer
Lost In These Words
love made my home
Love Wednesday
Luci’s Morsels
Lucy Lunges
Made by Melanie
Made in Mauve
Mahogany Drive
Making My Dreams Come True =]
Maui Goodness
Medieval Fashion
Meena Means Me
Meet the BFF
Mello Mallo
Milan of Hawaii
Mind Over Batter
MissLilly’s Blog
MissLilly’s Journeys
Much To My Delight
My Aspiring Life
My Family Kitchen
My Life as Foteini
My Novel Opinion
My Passenger Diaries
My Reach for Perfection
Mysteries of the Hollow Bone
Natalia Vergara
Nina Badzin
No Thanks to Cake
Nutritious Deliciousness
Oh Happy Dane
Oh my dish
Oh to Be a Muse
One Crazy Penguin
Order in the Kitchen
Pancake Warriors
Patisserie Makes Perfect
Phoebe Giggles
Pleasurable Pursuits
prêt-à-porter NOIR
Problems With Infinity
quinces and kale
Quintessentially Me
racheerachh travels
Rad Fat Feminist
Ramblings of a Uni Student
Reagan: in my own world
Real Food by Dad
Rita’s notebook
Rock My Vegan Socks
Roo Food
Rosie Posie’s Puddings & Pies
rusty duck
Sarr Trek
Seeing Spots….
Shannon Mary
She Sows Seeds
Skinny Sometimes
Sophie’s Plus Size Wonderland
Sparkles at Midnight
Sprinkles and Sprouts
Stone Currents
Strong Southerly
Studio Cottage
Subscription Love
Sunshine Dreamer Travel
Sweet Carolina Belle
Sweetbriar Dreams
Sweetly Tattered
Tales from Taliena
Tam Loves Tea
tea in your twenties
Terrible Tumbles
The Chronicles of Chaos
The Crafty Larder
The Curvaceous Gypsy
The Explorer
The Foodie Couple Blog
The Gardening Shoe
The Golden Fox
The Good Life
The Gracious Pantry
The Guy With The Owl Tattoo
The Harlow Bloom
The Hemborg Wife
The Life & Loves of Ninegrandstudent
The Missing Lokness
The More, The Messier
The Name Is Minale
The Plus Size of Life
The Ramblings of an Aspiring Small Town Girl
The Sequin Notebook
The Storybook Girl
The Sydney Noob
The Thrifty Gypsy’s Travels
The Wellbeing Adventure
The World Through Kat’s Eyes
Through Tasha’s Camera
Tiara Mania
Till then, smile often
Tilly’s Nest
Tinned Tomatoes
Tiny Taurus
Toodaloo Katie
Top With Cinnamon
Tropical Mum
Tub on the Run
Turn Right At The Geese
Unorganised Chaos
Viajante das Letras
Walking With Angels
Wallflower Girl
Wardrobe Oxygen
Webkin’s World
Weesha’s World
Whisk & Shout
wildly simple
Window to Wildlife
Wine and Sass
Write of the Middle
writing at the table
You’ll Move Mountains
Zeza’s Things

Welcome to my feedreader, bloggers.

There are 274 of you. You are now grouped into folders of 20 blogs each, in my feed reader.

Most of you will know what a feedreader is, but in case you do not, click here for info. The quick run down – it is an awesome program which collects new articles that bloggers post. So when you post something new, I get a copy, and if I have the time and something to say, I will click through and comment.

If you want to get a feed reader, I highly recommend Inoreader, which I have been using a lot lately. I wrote this post – how to get started with Inoreader.

What Happens Now?

I will test drive your blog for 6 months, then all the blogs listed will be evaluated. I will decide whether or not to keep following them in my feed reader, and I will post the keepers here as I always do – so make sure to check back on 31 March to see if I kept you. Keepers will be added to the permanent blogroll.

Non Bloglovin’ Blogs for September –

I did add 20 non-Bloglovin blogs to the feed reader this month. I went along with my Bloglovin plan though – I did not read back through 40 posts or so, I took a look at a couple of posts and if I liked what I saw, I added it.

A House In Hobart
A New Life in Wales
Blathering About Nothing
Blogs Like A Girl
Bright On A Budget
Doing It For Ourselves In Wales
Duni’s Studio
Happy Homebird
Invisible Crown
Jasmin Charlotte
Just Wandering
Living In The Land Of Oz
Matcha Milady
Mr Robot Quotes
Photographing New Zealand
The Grits Blog
Through The Keyhole

March New Feed Review –

And it has now been six months since March, so this month I have gone through the review process and the blogs which I am keeping are these –

A Dingo Named Gerald
Angry people in local newspapers
can I get a witness
Nouveau North Westerners
Souvlaki for the Soul
The View Is Beautiful
writes like a girl
Writing, fatshion, me

Why did I unsubscribe from 3 of the 11 blogs? The reasons are as follows listed in no particular order – taken from my blog posts 14 Reasons and 10 New Reasons I unsubscribed from blogs.

Posts too long – I’m Not Feeling It.

There are also two other reasons this month – one of the blogs Leslie Beslie went on hiatus and is email subscription only – I subbed because I enjoy that blog.

Then there is a whole other situation that happened with a blog. I originally loved the blog and even mentioned it here in a post, but I was treated unkindly in the comments section there more than once.

I discovered via an email exchange with the blog owner after one such unkind incident that the person running the blog is completely up themselves *and* an egotistical beyotch. According to her, it is perfectly fine that people treated me unkindly because her blog is popular. *boggle* I decided life is too short for that kind of shiznit and kicked that blog to the kerb. :(

Is your blog not listed here but you would like it to be? Email Snoskred via the contact page and Snoskred will add your blog to her feed reader. :)

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