They Travel In Packs

All the times we have been kayaking, and the other day out was the first time we saw these guys.
Beautiful little blue crabs with orange legs. They seem to travel in packs. When we pedal by, they run away.
In other news, some sick twisted person decided to play a Sopranos marathon over the weekend. Easter weekend! Shouldn’t that be illegal or something?
Regardless, I was glued to the teevee. ;) Still am actually, there’s like 50 eps I recorded on the Mystar. Plus they had Dexter season 3 on all day today. It’s not exactly “wholesome” teevee, but I have to be honest, I like it that way.

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5 thoughts on “They Travel In Packs

  1. Those crabs look freaky!

    I was so annoyed with the Sopranos marathon because it meant Most Haunted wasn’t on on Saturday night! Poo! (I know Most Haunted is a ridiculous show, but it’s my weekly guilty pleasure!)

  2. Cute crabs! We used to have crab olympics when we were kids in Bribie Island!

    Hey Snos, I have been trying to get hold of you but I might not have the right contact details- could you please contact me?

  3. omg, I thought they were flowers looking at the first photo.
    So cool.

    The photo looks like a landscape of trees ravaged by a fire from high on up. [me being from Canada].

    Those crabs edible? Just wondering.

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