Free Range Chicken

As you continue up the river we call our comfort zone, you begin to see tall gum trees instead of mangroves. Occasionally, there is a house – well you would call them more of a run down shack, but people do live in them.
As we kayaked up the river recently, I said to the other half “Can you hear a chicken?” and he agreed that he could hear one. We thought it must have been in a chicken house near the run down shack, but we soon discovered this is a free range chicken.
Maybe it is a rooster, but I don’t know much about chickens really. It wasn’t a course available in school. The chicken certainly seemed to be enjoying the beach, scratching in the sand.


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  1. SoCalWolfGal, 2. April 2009, 6:06

    Hi Snoskred,

    It’s definitely a chicken, and I am sure she is enjoying doing what chickens should do instead of living in a cage the size of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper! Beautiful shot of the river too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kim Ace, 8. April 2009, 6:24

    Hehe, sweet chicken indeed :). It is very interesting to see where did you come up to it :). And little strange thing there were no other chickens also, or maybe one rooster. It is spring time :)…

  3. sauerkraut, 10. April 2009, 15:46

    Sure does look like a Rhode Island red… maybe the peeps there like their eggs nice and brown.

  4. Katie, 11. April 2009, 21:19

    As long as the chicken doesn’t scratch too close to the river … there’s crocodiles, right? :P

  5. Writing from Alaska, 14. April 2009, 4:54

    i would say she is DEFINITELY a hen – we had chickens all through my early childhood – I grew up with them, so to speak.
    And I agree that she is probably a Rhode Island Red!
    Just stopped in to say hi – !