What Happens?

As we were driving back from JB Hifi where I picked up seasons 3 and 4 of NYPD Blue, I saw a bunch of cows standing on the top of a hill, very near to a cliff and the ocean. I said to The Other Half –

“What happens if a cow falls off the cliff into the sea?”

“It makes a big splash.”

Well, I was more wondering if cows could swim, but technically I guess he’s right.. ;)

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6 thoughts on “What Happens?

  1. Hmmm, that’s an interesting question. Even more interesting is the visualisation of a cow falling into the ocean!
    I have a Larsonesque type comic going on in my head!

  2. LOL – that is too funny!!!! :-)

    When you get a chance to do some more wordpress on training wheels posts (I know you’re rather busy at the moment) would you mind writing a post on how to make those scroll down boxes you have in your sidebar? And the drop down ones like you set up for my categories etc boxes. Ta very muchly!!!!

    Oh, and when I type my URL anywhere, do I need to type it http://www.lighteningonline.com or can I use http://lighteningonline.com . I noticed some people leave out the www. when adding their URL and wasn’t sure on the difference.

  3. Actually, just to answer the question for you, they can swim. But they prefer not to. Though I have watched dairy cows take a swim to avoid 45 degree heat. And unlike elephants they are not very water smart – will swim against the rip so to speak. Like us I guess!!

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