Snoskred Shops @ The Comedy Channel (2)

Those of you in Australia with pay tv, have you ever taken a moment to watch TVSN? It is easily one of the funniest things I have ever seen just lately. My Mum and I were watching one afternoon when they were selling manchester sets and both of us ended up crying with laughter. At the same time, I have huge respect for these people who are doing this for a living – can you imagine sitting in a studio trying to find things to say about products all day long?

We had been eyeing off the Lock and Lock stuff for a little while – I am so sick of all my plastic food containers that let food get stale. I was lucky enough to be given a few Lock and Lock containers a while back and they work beautifully. Over Christmas TVSN was having a sale and they had the 26 piece set for $99.50 with $0 postage and handling and with an extra 6 pieces for about $20 more, so on Christmas Day Mum and I logged on and bought them. Yesterday they finally arrived – mail in Australia has been a bit haywire over Christmas. Look at all my beautiful containers!

Lock and Lock

Now, to run these through the dishwasher, and then chuck out all the old ones and get organised! ;)

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11 thoughts on “Snoskred Shops @ The Comedy Channel (2)

  1. Haven’t watched the Australian TVSN, but did catch a bit in Korea when I went there a few years ago. They had great products, and the sales pitch was shouted at you in Korean. The product I remember best was the slimming suit, basically a plastic thing you wore under your clothes that made you sweat the weight off.

  2. I have Tupperware containers, cheaper containers from Coles, Big W, K-Mart, Target, and really cheap stuff from Cheap As Chips and the Reject Shop. I burp the air out of everything just like with the Tupperware and my stuff lasts just fine. But I do like the idea of a co-ordinated cupboard with matching containers and stuff. I had that look once with my Tupperware, then I had more stuff than containers, so went and bought as I needed, now I have stuff in clear plastic, coloured plastic, glass, recycled chinese food containers, etc.
    Everything is labelled and has a specific spot and over the years I’ve got used to where things are, so when my daughter is asking where is the baking powder I can immediately say left hand cupboard, bottom shelf, behind the gravox, next to the chicken stock…..

  3. My younger brother was back home in Ireland for Christmas from London and I asked him if he was still involved in the sc@mbaiting. He said that he hasn’t done it for a while. So I mentioned that I read a website of this really cool girlie from Australia who is involved in it. He mentioned initials which I didn’t recognise. Then he said ‘Do you mean Snoskred?’ Small world, eh? I came to your site because of your great blog tips not the sc@mbaiting.

  4. oooooh aaahhhhhh! I loves me some new plastic! I used to watch TVSN all the time when we had cable. It was awesome. Funny and amazing when you realise these people are just talking on the fly most of the time.

    I actually miss it! But I miss the History Channel and Discovery more :(

  5. I love my Lock ‘n Lock containers and I have NO IDEA how I lived without them! Be careful with the lids, though…they have a tendency to get distorted if you put them in the dishwasher.

  6. We don’t have that brand here that I know of, but they look really nice. I hope they give you many years of fresh and healthy foods storage options. I love getting new containers and organizing things better in my kitchen as I can. It always feels good for some reason plus saves time and energy when you can get organized.

  7. I have many different containers. Almost every time there is a family party I loose one of them…hah..and my family swears they don’t keep them.. Now its the joke of the family and they plan on not giving them back to me…soooo I buy many and keep adding. I love my fridge to look organized with containers. Tupperware is still my favorite..

    My best,
    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call gram

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