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Housekeeping for today 23 June

I’m about to go on a cleaning spree here in the home office, as well as on the blog. One thing I am wanting to do this weekend is go back and label old posts. Sometimes when I have done that in the past they have turned up on the RSS feed as a new post. I’m hoping they won’t but if they do, I’m sorry. It shouldn’t last too long.

Those of you who know me well know that I am one of the world’s most disorganized people. Even my computer desktop ends up with a zillion files on it that I have to go through and sort out every so often. But I think I’ve finally cracked the blogging organization jackpot.

When I add a blog to my google reader now, it sets off a chain of events that include – adding that blog to the sidebar, pasting the URL into the blogs I added to the sidebar this week text file and adding that blog to my Technorati favourites. I do this all at once and all on the spot, or else I might forget.

I have a massive weekly wrap up coming to you as a surprise this Sunday so look out for that.

For those who are fans of Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones, filming has started on part 4 at long last. It is still a long wait before the movie arrives on screens but check out The Man With The Hat Is Back over at for a pic of Indy today.

Also, what does a cat really do when let loose all on their own? Mr Lee’s CatCam delves into the world of cats through technology.. ;) I loved it!

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