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A quick note about iReply

Over in the sidebar you see a little logo called iReply. I’ve been struggling with the commenting thing for a while now. iReply is an idea which I think can work for me and I have joined the iReply movement.

I’m actually a lazy person at heart, so given the option I tend not to reply to comments people make here on the blog. I apologize for that, please forgive me, and I’m going to try and do better in the future. This is the first step towards change for me. ;)

I’ve written most of a post and I’ll be back with it later, I have a few tasks on my plate today. I spent quite a bit of last night watching them trying to move a boat in the dark on the tv. Newsflash – I couldn’t see much. ;)

A Quick Note About The Sidebar

I’ve put in some scroll bars on my links lists. You might want to do this as well. The code is fairly simple – <div style="overflow: auto; height: 200px">PUT LIST OF LINKS HERE</div> – you can change the height of the box to suit yourself as well, just change 200px to whatever amount of pixels high you would like the box to be. Thanks go to Sephy who figured out how to do this.

Housekeeping for today 23 June

I’m about to go on a cleaning spree here in the home office, as well as on the blog. One thing I am wanting to do this weekend is go back and label old posts. Sometimes when I have done that in the past they have turned up on the RSS feed as a new post. I’m hoping they won’t but if they do, I’m sorry. It shouldn’t last too long.

Those of you who know me well know that I am one of the world’s most disorganized people. Even my computer desktop ends up with a zillion files on it that I have to go through and sort out every so often. But I think I’ve finally cracked the blogging organization jackpot.

When I add a blog to my google reader now, it sets off a chain of events that include – adding that blog to the sidebar, pasting the URL into the blogs I added to the sidebar this week text file and adding that blog to my Technorati favourites. I do this all at once and all on the spot, or else I might forget.

I have a massive weekly wrap up coming to you as a surprise this Sunday so look out for that.

For those who are fans of Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones, filming has started on part 4 at long last. It is still a long wait before the movie arrives on screens but check out The Man With The Hat Is Back over at for a pic of Indy today.

Also, what does a cat really do when let loose all on their own? Mr Lee’s CatCam delves into the world of cats through technology.. ;) I loved it!

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