Just some blog housekeeping notes –

1. Updates –

have been made to the about and contact pages. Plus I added a whole new page for the Shoes link up.

Recently I was trying to send some of the bloggers I read an email – to say hi, and mention my new Shoe Linkup feature in the hope they might join in. I was dismayed to find some bloggers do not have any way at all to contact them privately – no email address, no contact page, nothing. Other bloggers do have a way to contact them but they make finding that way pretty difficult..

So, given that experience I have tried to make it easier for people to reach me privately if they so desire. I’ve always had a contact page and now I’ve added – Email Me! snoskred {at} gmail {dot} com to the sidebar and contact page. This means if anyone has trouble with the contact page they can now send me a direct email just by changing the at to a @ and the dot to a . :)

As a blogger you should test these things from time to time – some contact pages I tried to use didn’t work – some people I emailed I got a bounce back saying their mailbox were full or even worse, that the account did not exist! :(

2. Scheduling.

I try to schedule posts two weeks in advance for posting Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun here on the blog. I think 4 days a week is a reasonable schedule I can keep to, and it does not overwhelm readers with too much content.

Coming up in November is NaBloPoMo, which I will be participating in this year. This will mean a switch to a post every day for 30 days. I will try to keep the Tues/Thurs/Sat posts fairly light in content so they will not be overwhelming.

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2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I don’t think I’ve heard of NaBloPoMo before – I’ve heard of Nanowrimo. What does it stand for? And where can I find out more?

    Like you, I generally post 4 times (sometimes 5) a week. I find anymore is just too much for my readers – and wears me out. This way I keep it fresh! I try to have my posts loaded up and ready for the week ahead – Friday is generally blog day – but it doesn’t always happen ;-)

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