Quickly Testing A Thing

So, with the return of The Walking Dead, I wanted to write a TV post or few, but I do not want to spoil anyone who has not seen the episodes yet..

I’m just testing a plugin that will allow me to put a read more tag in, so the entire post will *not* appear in the RSS feed or my emailed posts, and then you have to click through to read the rest, in order to avoid being spoiled..

And here is where you would find spoilers, if I were writing them, which today I am not, but I totally will like to in the future!

Do not fear, I will not use this tag unless there is an excellent reason! ;)

It should also hide the extra text on the main page, as well.

Fingers crossed this worked.

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2 thoughts on “Quickly Testing A Thing

  1. That is one program I don’t watch, only because I didn’t know about it soon enough, but I’m sure I’ll catch up with it eventually. Maybe my daughter had it on dvd, I could borrow it. Spoilers don’t bother me.

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