Apologies to Lightening and Sandy..

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I have to say my email inboxes are becoming a major problem for me – I just can’t keep on top of everything.

Last week Lightening sent me an Out Of Your Niche post. I got so busy late last week I totally forgot to post it.

Then this week Sandy from Fighting Fatigue sent me an Out Of Your Niche post. I was going to post them both yesterday but again, I totally forgot.

Today I am going to post both of them and I deeply apologise. I am going to find a way to get on top of all of this – a habit to get into so I can find things in my inboxes. I also have to go back to shutting down my email and focusing on what I’m doing because I keep getting interrupted with new emails and I drop what I’m doing to tackle those. The main reason for that is because I want to be able to help those I am hosting with their issues and problems as soon as they contact me, but this isn’t working out. Especially when I’m getting 50+ emails a day!

So if I don’t reply to your email right away please be patient. There’s only one of me. :) I do type fast, but there’s a lot to cover sometimes.

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2 thoughts on “Apologies to Lightening and Sandy..

  1. Hey gorgeous. Want to reschedule my ‘out of your niche’ post till next year? I haven’t even started it yet :) what else is new with me….

    I would have emailed……

    I am sure that the girls are totally fine with what happened. Crazy time of year and you have a heck of a lot on at the moment! My mind reels with how much you are doing!

  2. Slow down!!!

    I’ve started closing down my email as well. Or set it to check only every 30 minutes, not every 1 (like me)

    One thing at a time, and most people aren’t going to stress if they have to wait an hour or two for a response. Hell, some people have to wait a week or two for a response from me!

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