Tuesday Menu – Day 4 – Lite N Easy

Day 4 has been a day of oops. As in oops, I forgot to take a photo of that thing I just ate! But then there was an even bigger oops – as in oops, that toaster nearly electrocuted me..

Breakfast – 4 grain cinnamon cereal –

This was ok, not as good as the fruit n bran or berry bites. I like cinnamon a lot but this was oddly not cinnamony enough for me.

Lunch – cottage pie with chicken –

No photo, sorry! :(

This seemed to have breast chicken in it instead of the usual thigh and was very tasty, I quite liked it. There was carrot, peas, and mashed potato on the top of the pie.

Snack – Crackers with nuts –

Again, no photo, sorry! :(

I love these rice cracker things. I can’t describe how they taste – this is something I’d never eaten before and is something I will be adding to my diet as a snack. In fact this might be preferred over potato chips in the future.

This is one of the things I like about Lite N Easy – the seemingly constant discovery of new things I like – also the discovery of things I enjoy as a snack that I never would have thought of previously.

Breakfast – Toasted fruit muffin with spread and marmalade (minus marmalade)

Again, no photo, sorry! :(

I was a bit too shocked from nearly asploding myself and cutting off all the power to the entire call centre just by making toast. I was using the toaster and the muffin was not very tall and when I went to use the high lift, there were sparks and possibly flames, a huge bang, and everything went dark. It killed everyones computer, all the phones, everything. And that took an hour and a half to sort out.


But on the other hand, this was extremely yummy, I liked it enormously.

Dinner – Fishermans Pie.

This is by far the most incredible and amazing thing on the entire menu. It is cheesy, the potato rosti is crispy in some places, soft in others. The fish is large and chunky and extremely tasty but not too fishy. If you like fish, you should absolutely order this. For next week, I have ordered 3 of them. I could easily eat this for dinner every day.

Snack – Apple

There were two apples – one for lunch and one for breakfast – I only got to eat one.

Missed out on – Marmalade – Light fruit cake

I forgot to put the marmalade on my muffin after the scary moment, and I completely forgot to bring home the light fruit cake I never got a chance to eat at work.

I will try to remember better tomorrow. :)

Lite N Easy Wrap Up Post –

Make sure to drop in and read it – this post contains my overall thoughts on Lite N Easy and also links to all the daily posts. You can find the wrap up post by clicking here.

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