A quick note


I’ve had an evil flu, so despite my best intentions the wardrobe post part 2 has not materialized. :(

This may have been the worst flu I can ever remember having, I do not count Pneumonia 2003 because for most of that I was totally delirious and remember nothing other than demanding garlic prawns at 4am in the morning.

I wish that I had been delirious for this one. It was so.bad.

It might take a little time to get over so I’m just not going to make any promises on when things might appear for the time being..

In other news, I found some strawberries which were decent *and* not covered in mould before I even bought them! Major score!

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One thought on “A quick note

  1. Really awful flus are just evil. I hope you feel better soon, but take your time. I think the effects linger and it’s easy to get sick again if you don’t really let yourself recover.

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