New Additions

If you look off to the side of my blog, you’ll find a few new things. The first one you’ll find is the LastFM box which tells you which tracks I have been playing recently. You can get one too! Of course remember much of the time I am listening to music from the stereo in the pool room, so what you’re seeing me listen to is when I’m here on my own.

The second thing you’ll spot is the My Library stuff. I haven’t finished putting my books in yet, so people like EKjr think that Stephen King is all I read! But that isn’t true, I have loads of books more which are varied from all different kinds of authors.

Bear with me, the scammers have been calling and interrupting me. I can’t get any shit done fast! In fact I am barely getting any shit done at all – my trains of thought are colliding all over the place. Major derailments. :( I’m trying to do 6 things at once all the time.

The third thing you’ll see is the Mybut. Go on, click it, you know you want to! I was back at work today. I was expecting a lot of things to have changed after being ill for so many days, however to my disappointment, they have not. I’m over these people, you know? I’m just over it. I’m ignoring them as much as I can and getting on with my job.

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3 thoughts on “New Additions

  1. I know you read more than just Stephen King, but I also know you love Stephen King, and there’s nothing wrong wit dat. His Washington Post essay makes me like him even more.

  2. Hi Snoskret
    Found your site via the 6767 blog and have just been reading your scambaiting escapades.

    Gotta say, I love your work!!! Have just spent the last hour reading the baiting of Christopher “The Lad Formerly Known As”

    Fucking brilliant! I especially loved the bogus Western Union form – those questions were absoluetly sublime!

    keep up the good work

    Ruth (aka Mrs Meat)

  3. Wow, thanks Mrs Meat! ;) Yeah, scambaiting is a heck of a lot of fun.. it really allows me to be creative. I suppose I probably should have been a writer but I use too many commas hehe ;)

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