The Five Week Challenge – Week 3


This week was absolutely huge for me. From Monday forwards, this is the first week I have felt like everything is exactly right – nutrition, exercise levels, and motivation levels. The weather was stunning and most days I woke up to perfect blue skies, which made me get out and walk.

Friday April 22nd –


6km today, running and walking. I’m feeling more comfortable running now.

Saturday April 23rd –


Today was a struggle from the start. Over two and a half hours we waited for my parents, with whom we were meant to be taking a drive. By the time we got back, my routine was so far out of whack.. and I was in a mood. I did end up doing my 5km but it was just a slow walk today.

Sunday April 24th –


Today, we did a chore – chook pen clean out. I also took a pitchfork and a hoe, and broke up all the ground. Fitbit recognised this as exercise. Then I got on the treadmill for my 5km. Then I did the food plan for the next 2 weeks, and then the grocery shop, plus cooked an awesome dinner.

Monday April 25th –


7km today. Quite a miracle considering my entire right side is very sore after yesterdays CHOOK HOE event. The plan has been – along with Sephyroth – to ramp up by .5km each week until we get to 10k. Winter is coming, which means bushwalking, so we may not be doing this particular walk as often in coming weeks.

Tuesday April 26th –


As mentioned yesterday, winter is coming and I might not get to do this walk so much in coming weeks. Today the weather was gorgeous so I decided to go back and do it a second time.

One of my favourite things about the TomTom Cardio Spark is that you can set goals and it buzzes you when you get to 50%, 90%, 100%, plus 110% and above. Yesterday I set the distance goal of 7km, and today I figured, why not do that again?

Wednesday April 27th –


Today the weather was gorgeous so I decided to go back and do the walk a third time, starting at the other end.. But, why stop at 7km? Why not just do 8. Plus all the beach stairs I could find.

Thursday April 28th –


Today the weather was still gorgeous so I decided to go back and do the walk a fourth time, Today my goal was 6km. I ended up doing 8. More walking on water, only 2 lots of beach stairs today.

Total = 41km for the week.

Hard work is so pretty! ;)

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