The Five Week Challenge – Week 5


The final week of the challenge, finally!

Awesomes over the past 5 weeks –

– smashing my goals – sometimes by double
– seeing the dietitian
– seeing the exercise physiologist
– getting lunches back on track
– eating breakfast every day
– trying protein powder for the first time
– trying peanut butter powder for the first time
– adding in a protein smoothie each day
– getting out and walking a lot
– moving exercise up to between 10-midday VS afternoons
– sleeping way better
– getting a bushwalk in
– getting back on the kayak
– walking 2x 10kms
– many sets of beach stairs run down and back up!
– buying water shoes and taking up aqua jogging
– learning to quiet the voice in my head who says “You can’t”
– kept going when I wanted to stop x many times
– bought proper sweatbands
– eating better fuel

Friday May 6th


I walked 10km, followed by an entire hour in a hot tub. Because I deserved it. :)

Saturday May 7th


A 6.5km walk, not including this little worm trail when we went to a store.

Sunday May 8th


Monday May 9th


Todays run/walk – first 5km running and walking, then a 3km addon of slow walking while I watched the finale of The Good Wife. Which was SHITE, same as the last two seasons have been.

Tuesday May 10th


Some quite nice personal bests for me on todays run/walk. 7.25 for the first km, 39:36 for the 5k. That is the first time below 40 minutes for me. Thanks to the NBN, for pissing me off so much!

Wednesday May 11th


Today’s workout brought to you by Get Lucky by Daft Punk which played twice! It was a bit.. weird. I did a new personal best for the 1k. After that, I struggled somewhat to keep up with the time I set for yesterday. I ended up at 40:22 for the 5k, and then I did a cool down 1.5km walk.

Thursday May 12th


The final workout for the 5 week challenge. 977 calories burned in the pool today.

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