The Five Week Challenge – Week 4

Friday April 29th –


Why do 8km when you can do 10km?

Saturday April 30th –


Kayaking day today, rain or shine. We did 10km on the kayak!

Sunday May 1st –


With the weather still being decent but cloudy, we decided on a bushwalk today. 5km.

Monday May 2nd –


Another gorgeous blue skies day forced me out of the house and away from the treadmill. 6km today.

Tuesday May 3rd –


7km today.

Wednesday May 4th –


8km today.

Thursday May 5th –


Aqua today. I set a goal of burning 700 calories however I always like to push past, burned 800 calories in total.

46kms travelled this week, 36 walking, 10 kayaking.

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One thought on “The Five Week Challenge – Week 4

  1. Inspiring. I’ve been pushing myself to 12500 steps a day from my usual 6000. I sleep so much atm i miss whole days so im making myself take the hound on a 4km walk before work rain hail or shine. Then i try to walk from museum or St James to work to make up extra steps. Its been a challenged dragging my sorry arse outta bed but feeling accomplished after that vibrating on my wrist says 12500. I love seeing your paths. Always on the lookout for walks on days off

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