Weather Wonder


It is unbelievable to me that I took this photo last Friday while on my 10km walk. There was almost zero wind. It was 22 degrees, which is about 3 degrees higher than usual at this time of year.


I could have done with some wind during this walk, but the dolphin boats, boaters and kayakers were massively enjoying the lack of wind. As would we have been, if we’d had the kayak out there. There are some kayakers right in the middle of this shot, might be difficult to spot as they are behind the tree. :)


We did take the kayak out last weekend – normally at this time of year I would be rugged up in my sharkskins, but they were not needed. I just wore my socks to keep my toes warm, as they tend to go in the water when we get in the kayak. I also wore my rash vest and compression leggins – without those I would have been sunburnt!

We’ve had a nearly unbroken stretch of glorious days for the past 2 weeks. There was one cloudy day, that day we went for a bushwalk. I’m writing a separate post on that one. Every other day was so gorgeous, knowing it might not last much longer, I had to get outside and walk instead of stay inside on the treadmill.

Speaking of weather – for those of you looking to go to the snow this year, a small heads up, Aldi has their snow gear coming up this Saturday 14th of May. Anyone in Adelaide who is new to Aldi shopping, their snow gear is highly sought after, excellent quality, and very good value. You have one Aldi store thus far, at 400 Churchhill Rd, Kilburn. Best get there early though!

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