Snoskred Meets Edmund Skewerhands.

Floating quietly at the top of Snoskred’s bedroom sits Edmund Skewerhands. In his lap sits a small faceless, featureless doll. When all is peaceful, quiet, The Other Half and the two kitties sleep soundly, one on the bed, one right next to the heater which is right next to Snoskred and turned on to the highest setting. The kitties are happy. This is the first time the heater has been on since moving into the new home. They hope it will stay turned on all through the time they live here.

Edmund looks down at the scene of peace and grins. Both kitties growl in their sleep. They can sense his presence. If they could see him they would snarl and hiss. Edmund extends one metal, skewerlike finger and prods the doll with it gently. Over the past few days he has found that to awaken Snoskred slightly gets the best reaction. Snoskred stirs in her sleep.

Edmund plunges his metal skewer into the doll, just above the right knee. Snoskred yells “OW” and grabs her leg, rolling in pain. The kitties scatter, running for cover. One time Snoskred actually rolled right out of bed, almost landing on the little kitty. The Other Half opens one eye and knows there is nothing he can do. Within five minutes, everyone is back in their place and back asleep. Only Edmund is awake, still grinning, waiting for peace to descend again – so he can shatter it.

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12 thoughts on “Snoskred Meets Edmund Skewerhands.

  1. I used to get leg cramps when I was a kid – my dad always told me they were “growing pains.” This really never made any sense since I didn’t really grow all that much from the time I was 8 until I was 16 and pretty much stopped growing. LOL. That kind of felt like someone was sticking pins into a voodoo doll of me. Now I don’t get those pains anymore but I do have little jerky movements at night where one of my legs might shoot out from under the covers or ram full-force into my husband. I have no control over it and it’s over before I’m even fully aware of it. All I can do is apologize. My husband now calls me “kicky.” Who knew there were so many weird things going on while we sleep?

  2. That creepy little Edward. He comes to my house occasionally and sticks his needles into the heel of my left foot. Just for fun, he sometimes does the right foot as well. (Let’s not mention the skull needle…..)

  3. I have never had such vicious leg cramps as I have during the last week. They seem to be going away now but the rest of the flu is still pretty bad.

    It was fun to write this post, a bit out of my usual style of writing, much more Stephen King than I usually write.

    Thanks for the comments everyone ;)

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