Blame It On The Whales.

Some of you have noticed that I have only been posting one post per day for the last few days. I’ve got the evil flu which the other half had a couple of weeks ago. I started feeling a bit unwell on Friday, had a terrible sleep on Saturday night but it was Sunday that brought the straw which put me flat on my back for the last 3 days. Sunday, a bush hike, and some happy hikers who told us we might see some whales.


And see whales we did, even though the winds were ferocious we were so captivated we could not leave and when we did leave we tried to chase the whales to the next high point, taking a 1km hike and turning it into about a 4km hike, some of it through terrifyingly tiny paths which made me freak out quite a bit. There seemed to be several different pods of whales and they were all doing a jumping out of the water. I have many more photos, but I do not have the energy right now. When I’m feeling better I promise to share.

baby echidna

We also found a baby Echidna. I have no idea why it was showing us its feet. Anyway I am not 100% better yet and really only managing short amounts of time out of bed. Apologies for not dropping by everyone’s blogs. As soon as I am better I’ll be by.

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8 thoughts on “Blame It On The Whales.

  1. get better, I’ve been out as well. My mom passed and it has been very difficult. Glad your feeling better. See you soon. Looking forward to the photos they look incredible.

    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call your grandma

  2. I do hope you are well soon! I need more echidna pictures. I’ve never seen one in real life – they are such interesting little creatures. The whale was pretty fantastic too.

  3. Get well, snoskred! I was thinking your blog was a bit quiet!

    Can’t wait to see more pictures of the whales either. Your echidna photo is pretty typical! I’m always amazed at how quick they can move when they want to. Whenever we see one on the side of the road, we usually pull up and race to get a photo. By the time we’re out of the car, the funny little thing has gone and dug into the ground somewhere! But we’ve got the occassional good photo.

    Hmm, there’s a blog challenge for you. Post up your native animal pics!

  4. My partner has just gotten ill so gotta be extra special to her.

    I hope you get completely well asap.

    I’m sure being ill is a worthy sufference after seeing such amazing sites. I have only ever seen dolphins bt would love to see a whale.

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