I can’t decide..

… whether I’m annoyed or not. The internet was down, so I SMS’d the other half asking him to call me. By the time he rang, I’d already fixed it (Yes, I am a GENIUS!) but that was not why he was calling me..

OH – Would you like to go for a drive about 290kms south tomorrow?

Me – I thought we were going to Wollongong with my parents. (Wollongong is north)

OH – Well, I have to deliver about $15,000 worth of stuff to a customer. I can either pay $600 to get the truck driver to do it, or we hire a truck for $390 and do it ourselves, or we have a very unhappy customer.

Grrr. GRRRRR. I would not mind if we could go in our own car, but obviously the stuff won’t fit in there. However, we do get to go past a number of incredibly gorgeous places, so I’ll take the camera and try to make the most of it. But it is really REALLY annoying, because it will take ages to do this in the truck.

One of the places we will pass through is Narooma, it’s just the most beautiful place. I can’t describe the peace of it to you. Photos won’t even do it justice, and the only pics I have are from the one time we drove through there just about as the sun was setting. Even though it was getting dark, when I got close to the water I could tell it was the most incredible shade of green. There’s this inlet, and the water is going past at a decent speed, so you can just sit there on this little jetty and watch the water go by. So I’ll see if I can get some good pics for you tomorrow.


Edit to add – no, now I am annoyed. The other half forgot he’d already arranged to have our airconditioner installed tomorrow. He’d done a deal with the guy because he was going to be at home so he would work as the laborer and it would cost us less. And now, not. :(

Another update – now he has arranged the airconditioner man to install on Sunday instead. This means no trip to Wollongong this weekend. It’s not meant to be, clearly. But I can have me another watermelon candle from Batemans Bay..

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3 thoughts on “I can’t decide..

  1. I remember family camping holidays at Narooma. It is a beautiful place. I used to swim in the galoon (I could never say lagoon).

    You’ve brought back some lovely memories. Thank you.

  2. You’re killing me with the pictures woman! I’m going to have to go driving around in the mountains and post some of those pictures to get even.

    You live in a beautiful place :)

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