Morning Surprise

This morning I arrived at my desk to find this..


A closer view for you.


What on earth is on my desk, I hear you asking. Well, that’s Robbie Williams and Mark Owen. Yes, I have two Take That dolls. They have been an object of hilarious fun around the various houses I have lived in for some years now. Anytime I would have a party, a good friend of mine would find where the dolls were, and re-arrange them, pants around ankles, in some compromising position. Often I would not spot it until days later but whenever I did see it the end result would be me laughing until I couldn’t stand up anymore.

I don’t know why they are on my desk this morning, perhaps the other half was going through boxes or something, because I had not seen them since we left Adelaide.. But I did happen to get a couple of DVD’s when we went shopping the other day, one is Robbie Williams And Through It All which I listened to on Friday when I was making a cheesecake and it was really wonderful, and Take That The Ultimate Tour Live In Manchester which is their comeback performance on DVD. This I have not watched yet but it’s only a matter of time..

And yes, I know Take That are lame. I am well aware. But they were my Beatles, so shut the fuck up, all right? ;)

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3 thoughts on “Morning Surprise

  1. Mark Owen: he was SUPPOSED to be the successful one in the post-Take That! era, was he not?

    Oh the promise of a generation unfulfilled by Mark Owen.

    My sister had a huge poster of Rock DJ in her house for a very long time. It was the cause of much mirth.

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