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Blogger is not letting me put images here, which is making me really mad. :(

While I wait for it to fix itself, let me tell you a few things that happened over the past few days. On Thursday we went shopping. We drove about 65kms to go where we wanted to go because the other half had a voucher and that was the nearest shop. We had a lovely hour or two wandering around just choosing various items that we needed, ended up spending $280 of the $300 voucher. Among many other items we bought two fridge door jugs, because I have found the best apple juice on the planet but it does come in these HUGE glass jars which I am a little scared of.

So we drive home, only to find one of them is broken, and not a fixable kind of broken. Normally I check things over before we leave the shop but this was very late in the shopping trip and we were looking for other things, and yeah, I fucked up ;) The jug was worth $10 but now I will put it aside until the next time we go back that way in the hope that I might return it. It might be a few weeks before we go back that way, though. The lesson in this for people moving from the city to the country is, you always have to make sure things are 100% intact and risky free before you leave the store.

So last night some visitors from Tamworth arrived to stay with my parents, and we went out to dinner at the Chinese. Seeing the visitors dressed in Tamworth clothes gave me that one second of home sickness, you probably know the one I mean. If I were to draw it as a painting, it would be a big red heart being squeezed hard by a hand. It’s like you just remembered that you’re missing something important.

Now it makes no sense, because I love where I live now, and I wouldn’t change it. I don’t think I would want to move back to Tamworth. I love the beaches here, and many other things about this place. But you can’t change what is, and it just is, that place will always be where my heart lives. Though I never lived there myself, for longer than two months. ;)

I’m gonna do some more painting today, and watch a little more West Wing, I guess.. :)

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