Man Spends Money!

Ouch! Previous to leaving for Thailand, the other half spent $790 on clothes, three pairs of shoes and a suitcase. Yes, he got a lot of clothes, and yes he needed them, and yes he tried them on in the shop which was sooo much fun for me because it is so rare to talk him into doing that.

However it seems the shopping has not stopped there – and surprisingly, he has not bought electronics or souvenirs or something like that. On the first day of the tour they took the group to a tailor, and he spent $450 on custom made SUITS!

I am completely unable to express my extreme shock and amazement at this news. He HATES those kinds of clothes! And he seemed very thrilled with his purchases, and talked about them at length. And then he went on to say he bought some clothes for ME, and he had been looking at a pair of earrings for me which were $950. Luckily he chose not to buy them, because I would be absolutely terrified to wear them.. but he did buy earrings, he did just not say how much they were..

Was there subliminal messages on the plane? Has someone slipped him a shopping mickey? Are there drugs in Thailand that make your man suddenly change his personality into someone who WANTS to wear a suit?

And most important of all, will he return home normal, or am I going to need to get a couple of extra jobs to support future sudden clothing shopping sprees?

One piece of bad news – he has no internet. :( So I won’t see any pics till he gets home.

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