How did I not know this?


You will of course recognise the man in the middle of this photo as Kurt Cobain. But who is that next to him with the long hair?

I never knew Dave Grohl was in Nirvana until I flicked past a doco on Nirvana and found out that he was the drummer in the band. How lame does this make me sound? However, it seems I was not the only one. I found this out about two weeks ago now and I have since asked a lot of people who the guys were in Nirvana, and 80% of those surveyed said “Kurt Cobain and… wait, who were the other guys?”

You may not have recognised him in the pic above, but this one you should.


Please comment – did you know this? Or has it now come to you as a surprise?

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2 thoughts on “How did I not know this?

  1. Old news darlin.

    IN fact Dave not only played drums but also played guitar on some of their live concerts.
    Dave was the motivator in Nirvana when Kurt was too faceless and off the planet with Courtney.

    On another note.
    “The Man Who Sold The World” is a cover version of a MAJOR international recording artist.

    A lot of Nirvana fanbois havent got a clue on that one either.

    One comment i heard one from a Nirvana die hard “Oh well if “xxxxx” knows Nirvana then they must be ok.
    Because he had never heard of the original artist! :o)

    Nice blog.
    Whirlpool Roolz

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