Riddle me this, Batman.

Do people on speed have clear sinuses? DO THEY? I want to KNOW because if they do maybe I should start taking it.

This post may contain some swearing. I’m in a bit of a bad mood. Had a bad day at work (haha that’s almost funny, like there is ever a good one when the staff ignore the customers because their conversations about SHYTE are much more important) in fact it was so bad that at 1pm I decided to grab the car keys and get out of the building for a little bit. I had to go to the chemist to get some drugs – it’s hayfever season. By the time I get to the chemist, I’m feeling a little happier. That’s not going to last long. :(

Only one thing works for my sinuses, and that is pseudoephedrine – hereafter referred to as PE because that is a bloody long word. I have tried every other option. Believe me, I have. Now due to some fuckwits making speed out of PE or some such crap – they brought in new laws this year where you have to show your license and they keep records of you buying anything with PE in it. Plus, they only give you a *tiny* supply – enough for three days. So you have to keep going back to get more.

I bought some from this same chemist a couple of weeks ago. I don’t usually go to that chemist but it was closer so I did go back there this time. Feeling like some kind of criminal simply because I WANT TO BE ABLE TO FUCKING BREATHE FOR CHRISTS SAKE! I go in to get the drugs, hand over the license, wait for her to check with the pharmacist. The pharmacist comes over to me and says “You bought some of these a couple of weeks ago according to our records, and colds and flu don’t normally last that long”.

I was simply STUNNED. Plus, I was already in a really bad mood, so the chances of this woman having her head bitten off were high. But no, I tried to remain polite, and I said, actually I am using them for hayfever. She said “Have you tried other things” and at this point, I am ready to wig out like the chick from Misery and scream OF COURSE I FUCKING WELL HAVE, DO YOU THINK I ENJOY HAVING TO FIND A CHEMIST EVERY THREE FREAKING DAYS TO BUY SOME MORE OF THESE DRUGS? But no, once again I remain polite, and say yes, actually I have tried all the other options including hayfever injections from my doctor, this is the only thing that works.

I will not ever go back to that chemist. I will go to the one I know isn’t going to ask me stupid shit like that. I should have remained loyal in the first place.

So by the time I got back to work, I was really not in the mood for an afternoon of staff standing around chatting. Of course they did, and of course as usual I couldn’t do anything about it. I’m so over this already. I’m seriously thinking about quitting completely.

From Wikipedia –

Illicit diversion of pseudoephedrine in Australia has caused significant changes to the way pseudoephedrine products are regulated. As of 2006, all products containing pseudoephedrine have been rescheduled as “Pharmacist Only Medicines” (Schedule 3). As a result, a pharmacist must be directly involved in every transaction involving the sale of pseudoephedrine to members of the public, and such medicines will be kept behind the counter, away from public access. Such measures are designed to ensure that the medicines are needed for a legitimate purpose. Pharmacists are also required to seek identification from potential purchasers, and maintain a record of each transaction. Certain preparations containing significantly high amounts of pseudoephedrine are further restricted as “Prescription Only Medicines” (Schedule 4).

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