I wonder..

Is it not known all over the world that smuggling drugs into or out of particular countries in Asia will get you a death penalty?

Because it struck me while I was watching a show on the crime channel here about some poor woman who “accidentally” swallowed a few packets of heroin and then was surprised when she was arrested and narrowly escaped the death penalty somehow, that maybe I should actually be feeling sorry for these people like I feel sorry for the victims of scams?

The reason people fall for scams is a lack of education, I believe. I don’t think anyone could swallow packets of heroin without knowing that this isn’t a good idea, but maybe they just weren’t educated, maybe they didn’t know any better, maybe they didn’t check the situation out before they acted. Or not. I have known drug smuggling would result in the death penalty since Bangkok Hilton was on here, many years ago, with Nicole Kidman. Maybe that wasn’t played in other countries around the world.

I’ve been watching a fair bit of the crime channel lately. They have episodes of Cops on there, which I enjoy, and they now have a new show about the cops in New Zealand, which is actually hilarious – those Kiwi Police have an incredible sense of humour.

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3 thoughts on “I wonder..

  1. Motorway Patrol? I’ve seen some, ahem, clips of the show somewhere one time there. It’s too bad that stations over here don’t believe in showing international content, because I think that this show would be well-received.

  2. Not that it would ever happen, I wonder what would happen if drug smugglers got the death penalty here in the US? (aside from the rest of the world calling us terrorists for killing drug smugglers :)

    I’d love to see that Kiwi cop show, but the only international programs we get belong to the BBC (or we have to endure British shows being made American… a la ‘The Office’)

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